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The real love interest in Netflix’s Operation Christmas Drop is the US military
What to know before watching the Guam-set Operation Christmas Drop — from a local’s perspective.
Inspiring Tiny Teacup Gardens Are Great For Home Decor
Teacup gardens may be the cutest way to bring a little bit of outside into your home. These tiny succulents in teacups are great piece of home décor.
Chris Ferdinandi: The Lean Web
The web in 2020 is a bloated and over-engineered mess! Many modern web development “best practices” are making the web worse. This thought-provoking talk shares ideas on how to fix the problem as it explores an alternate set of best practices.
Running Lighthouse in GitHub Actions
In this post I’ll discuss how to automate Lighthouse audits in your GitHub repository and some of the things to consider to use it efficiently.