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How “Normal People” Makes Us Fall in Love
The stars of the twelve-episode series adapted from Sally Rooney’s 2018 novel discuss young love, miscommunications, and the language of tea.
Opinion | Bats and the Coronavirus
They probably spread the virus that’s killing humans. We almost certainly spread the fungus that’s killing them.
Game UI Database
A comprehensive screen reference Tool for game interface designers.
An opinionated guide to accessibility testing
Automated tools like Lighthouse are great, but if you want to really understand accessibility, you’ll need to get your hands dirty.
South Korea study shows how coronavirus spreads indoors
“Eating indoors at a restaurant is one of the riskiest things you can do in a pandemic,” she said. “Even if there is distancing, as this shows and other studies show, the distancing is not enough.”
Lekker in Leiden
Kies voor een heerlijke lokale Leidse optie
Little Tasks, Little Trust
How Delegating Responsibilities is Better Than Managing By Tasks
The Story of Boom Chicago, Overseas American Comedy Factory
Amy Roberts kleedde ‘Prinses Diana’ in The Crown
van kneuterig en zedig naar va-va-voom
How smallpox devastated the Aztecs – and helped Spain conquer an American civilization 500 years ago
Hernán Cortés owed his conquest of the Aztecs to his expedition's unknown, unseen secret weapon: the smallpox virus. Disease epidemics can set the course of human history.