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Surfaces vs Airborne: What We Know Now About Covid-19 Transmission
You don’t have to sanitize your apples anymore, but you do have to wear a mask
‘Viking’ was a job description, not a matter of heredity, massive ancient DNA study shows
DNA in hand, researchers for the first time could conclusively trace the origins of people from the far edges of the Viking diaspora back to their roots in Scandinavia.
Why David Quammen Is Not Surprised
I was told ten years ago: Beware of a new virus, maybe a coronavirus, emerging from a wild animal, maybe a bat. Those were the warnings I put into Spillover.
Cameron Crowe Interview on the 20th Anniversary of ‘Almost Famous’
The writer-director on interviewing rock legends for ‘Rolling Stone,’ screening the movie for Led Zeppelin, and why the film still resonates after two decades
The New Brazil – Ben Coates
A country where disaster prevention has long been a national religion now resolutely refuses to prevent a disaster. A nation which has an uncanny knack for generating triumphs out of adversity now appears determined to do the opposite.
Kamala Harris' VP debate was for women talked over by men
Kamala Harris’ courtroom skills prevailed, Mike Pence’s bloodshot eye astounded, and a fly stole the show Wednesday night during the first and only vice presidential debate of 2020.
On not choosing WordPress for the W3C redesign project
Explaining the background of our choice on CMS platform and the response to a recent WordPress Tavern post
10 Rules For Efficient Form Design
This unofficial extension integrates Draw.io into VS Code.
David Lee Roth, Metallica, Pete Townshend, Brian May, Tony Iommi, More Remember Eddie Van Halen
Sammy Hagar on the passing of his iconic bandmate: “Heartbroken and speechless.”
Er zijn genoeg redenen om WhatsApp vandaag nog te verwijderen
De nieuwe plannen van Mark Zuckerberg beloven niet veel goeds, en de app gebruikt al slinkse trucjes om de end-to-endversleuteling te verbreken.
Google’s new logos are bad
replacing icons that are familiar, recognizable, and in Gmail’s case iconic if you will, with little rainbow blobs that everyone will now struggle to tell apart in their tabs.
Eddie Van Halen
Revered guitarist dies at 65 after cancer battle
Reddit's "Am I The Asshole" Reveals America's Sexism
One of the most thorough looks at gender inequality can be found on a Reddit forum
The Forgotten F-Word in the Pandemic
Monica Lewinsky wonders if these times demand a prominent mental health czar.
The end of the American internet
80-90% of internet users are now outside the USA, there are more smartphone users in China than in the USA and western Europe combined, and the creation of venture-based startups has gone global.
‘Warrior’ Is Still the Best Show You’re Not Watching
As Cinemax winds down its original programming, the martial arts Western inspired by the works of Bruce Lee faces an uncertain future. But the series, whose second season premieres on Friday, deserves to fight another day.