2020 w33

An endangered internet species: Firefox
Firefox will live on in one way or the other. It's open source after all. But Firefox as an important browser, or Mozilla as a significant open-source developer hub? No. I can't see it.
Lukashenka vs. democracy: Where is Belarus heading?
'Canary in the coal mine': Greenland ice has shrunk beyond return, study finds - Reuters
Greenland’s ice sheet may have shrunk past the point of return, with the ice likely to melt away no matter how quickly the world reduces climate-warming emissions, new research suggests.
We Will Pay for Our Summer Vacations With Winter Lockdowns
This was Europe’s chance to beat back coronavirus before winter comes. We’re wasting it.
The Unraveling of America
Anthropologist Wade Davis on how COVID-19 signals the end of the American era
Kamala and caste
How the crushing hierarchies of India, the United States, and Nazi Germany echoed over a historic vice-presidential selection
CSS breakpoints used by popular CSS frameworks
Apple just kicked Fortnite off the App Store
Apple says Epic is violating its App Store guidelines by using its own payment system
Mozilla lays off 250 employees while it refocuses on commercial products
Thread on Hacker News
Mauritius races to contain oil spill from grounded ship, protect coastline
Thousands of residents and environmental activists had been working to contain the damage before the Japanese-owned tanker breaks apart.
Hoe The Dude werd gedupeerd door Big Tech
Facebook: Een website met quotes uit de film The Big Lebowski werd zomaar geblokkeerd door Facebook. Op zoek naar gerechtigheid bij een techbedrijf dat de handhaving van zijn huisregels automatiseerde.
Als Facebook iets goeds doet, is dat nog altijd matig – Bits of Freedom
Het is goed dat Facebook besloten heeft om racisme en antisemitisme te weren, maar het laat ook weer eens zien hoe dominant het bedrijf is.
I Am Liesl von Trapp and I Owe the Resistance an Apology
McSweeney’s is at it again
Joe Biden picks Kamala Harris as vice president
a historic decision that elevates the first Black woman and first Asian American woman to run for vice president on a major-party ticket at a moment when the country is grappling with its racial past and future.
On content-visibility
The new CSS property that boosts your rendering performance
Frances Allen, Who Helped Hardware Understand Software, Dies at 88
One of the few women in the computer industry in its early days, she paved the way for the efficient, lightning-fast apps of today.