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How to Write a Git Commit Message
Tweets Are Female Scientists' Retort To 'Disappointing' Comments
In the wake of Hunt's remarks early this week, the burgeoning hashtag #distractinglysexy has drawn thousands and thousands of tweets
How Meta-Analysis Consumed GOT This Season
Spotify Just Discovered That Heavy Metal Is More Popular Than Pop Music
Metalheads are completists, and metal as a genre is incredibly diverse; there are thousands upon thousands of metal bands out there to whom fans may pledge fealty, and they do so with an (economic) vengeance.
2 Kinds of People
Whatever, forever
an oral history of Clueless
Stop Drinking Bottled Water
Boycotting bottled water means you support the idea that public access to clean, safe water is not only a basic human right [..]
You Don't Have to Be Pretty
Prettiness is not a rent you pay for occupying a space marked "female".