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Are aft-facing airplane seats safer?
Data appear to overwhelmingly substantiate that the seated occupant can tolerate much higher crash forces when oriented in the rearward-facing position.
Was Bra-ced For A Different Reaction
A growing archive of stills from the best films ever.
What the collapse of ancient capitals can teach us about the cities of today
Warnings from history: Angkor was a thriving metropolis of 750,000 before a series of mega-monsoons made it unliveable.
Reorder CSS Columns Using Bootstrap
Using the Push and Pull Classes
When a black German woman discovered her grandfather was the Nazi villain of 'Schindler's List'
An odd series of events led Jennifer Teege to discover that her grandfather was none other than the notorious Nazi Amon Goeth.
The invasion of America
The story of Native American dispossession is too easily swept aside, but new visualisations should make it unforgettable