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How to get Ubuntu back after installing Windows?
How can I repair grub?
Reinventing the Potato - Modern Farmer
I traveled to an annual food festival in Lima known as Mistura, where I encountered tables heaping with all manner of bizarre and beautiful potatoes
Life in the Sickest Town in America
"For a miner who avoids being crippled, burned or buried alive, the usual question is which will give out first—his lungs, his back, or his knees."
Introducing theguardian.com responsive takeover
devices accessing our site (6000 different types per month and counting) has been to craft a single site which works across all of these various screens
Ronald Reagan's Black Magic Man
"From then on the couple retreated into a kind of doddering occultism, rarely making decisions without an astrologer’s counsel."
Why men on earth outnumber women by 60 million
Open Food Facts
‘Food Is a Death Sentence to These Kids’ - NYTimes.com
a rare chromosomal abnormality called Prader-­Willi syndrome, which causes low muscle tone and impairs signaling between the brain and the stomach