2012 w52

Networks of the Hanseatic League
Debunking Food Myths
Author Gary Taubes and Nutrition Science Initiative Co-Founder Peter Attia on the science behind today's mainstream diet and whether it's correct.
Fun for the Whole Family: Old Computer Ads Revisited
The Leica M9, as a pro-hobbyist photographer
How to offload your iTunes library to a NAS
Free up your local disks by shoving that iTunes library onto external storage.
The Pinboard Top 100
Down With Toy Apartheid
The Gender Apocalypse Of The Playroom Can't Come Soon Enough
How to Use the Rule (or Suggestion) of Thirds in Photos
The Secret to Better Sleep
Karma: A simple and honest mobile provider.
Share and earn free WiFi. Cool idea.
Stop Subsidizing Obesity
article on NYTimes.com
The Good Man
graduation project using only CSS3 animations
diary writing for iPhone and iPod touch
Facebook was the top search term for fourth straight year
accounting for 4.13% of all US searches - The Next Web