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Portraits of People Who Look Alike But Aren't Related At All
Dear Facebook: Without the Commons, We Lose the Sharing Web
Wired Opinion
Three Hidden Ways Wheat Makes You Fat
by Mark Hyman, MD
The End of Pasta
"Temperatures are rising. Rainfalls are shifting. Droughts are intensifying. What will we eat when wheat won't grow."
The Rest of the First World Is Astounded by America's Enduring Gun Culture
article on The Atlantic Wire. for comments see: Godwin's law
a jQuery Plugin for Responsive Data Tables
Guardian kills its Facebook social reader, regains control over its content
Why you should probably stop eating wheat
The Web We Lost - Anil Dash
That does make me feel old..
Mailbox for iPhone
a next-generation email app inspired by Sparrow and Clear
CSS Animations with only one keyframe
Why 2013 Is the Year of Responsive Web Design
Hello Sailor!
The Nautical Roots of the Modern Tattoo
iTunes 11 and Colors
how to duplicate iTunes 11's color matching algorithm
Golden Tweets
Twitter's Year in Review. A summary of the year's events, including your own.
5 Trends That Will Shape Digital Services In 2013
Why not make your URLs responsive? ;-)
World's Easiest Way to Be Much Healthier: Stand Up
Standing up more is scientifically proven to have huge health benefits, but in our digital world it's not as simple as it sounds. Here's how to make the switch to an upright workday.
Game of Thrones
Game of Thrones meets Battle of the Bands with these parody music logo shirts
The PSY scandal: singing about killing people v. constantly doing it
"Americans would benefit from less outrage at anti-US sentiment and more energy toward understanding why it's so widespread" on The Guardian
A story of two containers
UX Archive
show most interesting user flows so you can [..] be inspired to design the best user experiences
How I Instagram