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Historically Authentic Sexism in Fantasy. Let's Unpack That
interesting article on Tor.com
Out of Eden - A Walk Through Time - National Geographic
In 2013, journalist and National Geographic Fellow Paul Salopek begins an ambitious expedition to retrace the path our ancestors took as they migrated across the world.
Heights of presidents and presidential candidates of the United States
On Wikipedia. Ofcourse. Fascinating.
What are the most surreal places one can ever visit?
Question on Quora
The Web engineer's online toolbox
Accurate Photographic Recreations of Old Paintings
Focal Point
Intelligent Cropping of Responsive Images
Aware.js: Make your site reader aware
adds CSS classes to identify various classes of users, new, repeat visitors, first time visitors etc
client-side script that checks HTML source code and detects violations of a defined coding standard
Examples of beautiful typography (with CSS snippets)
A practical guide on accurately scheduling client projects
small jQuery plugin for progressively enhanced, lazy loaded, mobile friendly social networking widgets
Dune 2 Online
Play the classic game online. Nostalgia!
Six Feet Under (2001)
on Art of the Title