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International: The lottery of life | The Economist
Small economies dominate the top ten. Half of these are European, but only one, the Netherlands, is from the euro zone
Avoid Problem Solving For Better Critiques
Paying attention to the details of design critique
Random Shopper
Every time I run it, I give it a set budget, say $50. It grabs a random word from the Wordnik API, then runs an Amazon search based on that word.
List Items & Divider
1/3 grid ul with faux hr
17 Pinterest Fails
Countdown Clock · CodePen
Cool looking CSS3 countdown clock animation
Forests Drenched in Light and Fog
that brief window of time when the foggy remnants of night clash with the rays of early morning sun
Yes, actually, it may be you one day
If you're lucky enough to live to an advanced age, your chances of having some kind of disability rises significantly – to 50% and beyond. So when you're considering whether or not accessibility is important, keep in mind that it could actually be you you're ensuring accessibility for.
Mobile first: the revolution is well under way
Nowhere more so than Africa
A few git tips you didn't know about
The Quiet Ones - NYTimes.com
on the increase of noise in society and the Quiet Car in trains
Responsive Menu Concepts
Mythic Beasts Travel Posters
A new series inspired by classic travel posters and the mythical beasts that may or may not call these destinations home.
Little Big Details
Cool details in various user interfaces
a curated repository of JavaScript libraries and jQuery plugins