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Vrolijke tieten en de roze kankermaffia
column op Webwereld
LaDress by Simone
List of clever life hacks
Viewport Meta Tag For Non-Responsive Design
how to use viewport tag to improve the appearance of your design on mobile devices
a tool for making grids
View & share how sites look at different screen sizes
Nesting media queries
IE10 Snap Mode and Responsive Design
On Windows 8 Metro mode and classic mode
A List Apart: Responsive Comping
Obtaining Signoff with Mockups
Quick Tip: Easy CSS3 Checkboxes and Radio Buttons
no javascript
A really simple but powerful packaged personal site that has social integrations like twitter, github, dribbble, instagram, foursquare, tumblr, last.fm, and much more..
Programmer Time Translation Table
If You're Too Busy to Meditate, Read This
If you're still looking for a business case to justify spending time meditating, try this one: Meditation makes you more productive.