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I Am For the Mad Ones
Master of the :nth-child
CSS3 pseudo classes and :nth-child ranges
Doctor Who: "The Angels Take Manhattan"
review on Tor.com
Quora - The Universe
What are some of the most mind-blowing facts about the universe?
The design thinking behind the new Disney.com
Would You Recognize Yourself With A Completely Symmetrical Face?
Julian Wolkenstein explores a scientific concept of beauty with a unique portrait series.
"I am calling you from Windows"
A tech support scammer dials Ars Technica
Your Cardboard Buddy
The Paperless Puzzle
on digitizing documents and receipts
The Bootstrap Interface Builder
Live Weather Display Using CSS, jQuery and PHP
Hugo Award Winners
a list on Goodreads.com
The Story of the New Microsoft.com
Social Login Buttons Aren't Worth It
on MailChimp Blog
The Throne of Zion by Emily Raboteau
A Pilgrimage to São Jorge Da Mina, Ghana's Oldest and Most Notorious Slave Castle
Information Architecture
Designing for Mobile, Part 1 on UX Booth
27 Web Apps & Resources for Responsive Mobile Design
Don't Use Automatic Image Sliders or Carousels, Ignore the Fad
Bootstrap toggle buttons 2.3
Twitter and Pinboard
on Pinboard Blog
our Tweet-to-Email Gateway
Specificity Calculator
A visual way to understand CSS specificity.
Encouraging Better Client Participation In Responsive Design Projects