2012 w39

Fun with Google Maps
take a regular Google Maps iframe and stick it as the background of a webpage
Getting To Know Dexter
Keeping A Character Killer When Everything Changes
CSS3 Snippets
a collection of open source UI components coded with HTML, CSS, and Sass
a growing collection of freely available talks from Web design/dev conferences
How to Customize Checkbox and Radio Inputs with Custom CSS
Useful JavaScript Libraries and jQuery Plugins
Everything I Know In Life, I Learnt From Qi
Git with Eclipse (EGit)
GQ - Cheers Oral History
thirtieth anniversary of the show's premiere
I ♥ QI
tumblr with animated gifs
Clay Shirky: How the Internet will (one day) transform government
Video on TED.com
A Conversation With Randall Munroe, the Creator of XKCD
We Are the Introverts
Vanilla Masonry
A dynamic layout script for the flip-side of CSS floats
Cargo cyclists replace truck drivers on European city streets
Low-tech Magazine
Responsive Data Tables
A Solid Base
The best wallpaper. For your computer, tablet or phone.
lightweight library that uses jQuery and Raphaël to make drawing simple charts easy.
De wederopstanding van Jochem Myjer: door ruggenmerg en been
Interview in Volkskrant
National Geographic Photo Contest 2012
In Focus - The Atlantic
Free UX Sketching And Wireframing Templates For Mobile Projects
Collection of google android UX screen shots