2012 w35

Gebruik de Stemwijzerwijzer om uit te vinden welke Stemwijzer het beste bij ú past!
create and instantly deploy tiny mobile apps with just a few lines of code
A History of New York in 50 Objects
on NYTimes.com
3 Hidden Features In Firefox 15 You May Want To Enable
jQuery Socialist Social Media Plugin
Combine social feeds from multiple social networks
Fix for the iOS orientationchange zoom bug
HTML Email Boilerplate
a boilerplate for sending out nicely formatted messages that work across mail clients
Device Viewport Widths - Google Docs
Responsive Web Above The Fold
FitWeird by davatron5000
Resize your window, it tells you dimensions in PX and EM.
Demo Swinging Cat
with html and css
"Mom, Dad, There is No God." Coming Out as a Non-Believer
Lightbox for Twitter Bootstrap
Separate Mobile Website Vs. Responsive Website
Smashing Mobile