2012 w31

Thanks, Textbooks.
A collection of the world's finest academic writing.
US resists control of internet passing to UN agency
from BBC News
8 years later, Athens Olympic venues in decay
what a waste..
We are Colorblind
Examples in webdesign
Yes, I was hacked. Hard.
How to Block Social Sharing Widgets and Buttons with Adblock
Multiple Google calendars in iPhone's calendar app
The Terrible Tragedy of the Healthy Eater
web interface builder built on Bootstrap
The Conversion of a Climate-Change Skeptic
Ancient Olympics Had "Spectacular" Opening Ceremony, Pagan Partying
Greek games rife with prostitution, sacrifices, doping-and legendary athleticism.
Commodore 64 turns 30
What do today's kids make of it?
List of timelines
on Wikipedia
Ascii Street View
Real-time Ascii Art conversion of Google Street View panorama's done in WebGL
Extreme Metal Olympics
have 32 of the world's most brutal and legendary bands from 18 countries competing for the gold
Medal Count
clean interface shows Olympic medals realtime
What Vikings really looked like
Against traffic
Thoreau's essay of 1862 inspires a modern man to ditch the car for a week
Einstein's Office: A Still-Life Photo, a Genius' Death
Is it time for password-less login?