2012 w24

How France fell out of love with Minitel
Top 10 Most Pirated Movies of 2011
jQuery plugin that helps you easily style HTML tables
Kogan imposes world's first Internet Explorer 7 tax
Underground New York Public Library
visual library featuring the Reading-Riders of the NYC subways
Why our food is making us fat - The Guardian
on BBC program 'The Men Who Made Us Fat'
Designing data
best practices for charts for analysis
can a Cold War classic evolve for the touchscreen?
Debunking Responsive CSS Performance Myths
Experiments with Intermittent Fasting
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Free Icons Set
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Dear The Internet, This Is Why You Can't Have Anything Nice
Anita Sarkeesian's project to expose stereotypes in video games attracts a maelstrom of hate.
Jquery Picture
A jQuery responsive images plugin to help ease the transition
Summer Reading Flowchart:
What Should You Read On Your Break?
Here comes the greatest Internet landgrab in history
ICANN will reveal tomorrow who is going after what new domain extensions
New gTLD Applied-For Strings
The Stephen King Universe Flow Chart
Civilization II
I've been playing the same game of Civilization II for almost 10 years. This is the result.
100% DRM-free PC games
The easiest and smartest online crop tool
Responsive table patterns
Can We Please Move Past Apple's Silly, Faux-Real UIs?
The 10 Geekiest Google Easter Eggs