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10 (or so) of the worst passwords exposed by the LinkedIn hack
on Ars Technica
xkcd: Password Reuse
How to Cook Tofu Like the Pros
Dry-fry and Marinate Method
designed for children to make computer use as easy and pleasant as possible for them
Mobile Application Analytics
Skeu It!
tumblr about skeuomorphism in apps
keep a journal, or "Path," of your life on the go.
A Visual Story of your Travel
Harvey: A Second Face for Your JavaScript
Like media queries in CSS
Zuur-base voedingsoverzicht
voedingsmiddelen: verzurend of alkalisch (basisch)
How to Find Anything in Your Gmail
A man who won't forget Ray Bradbury
Obituary by Neil Gaiman
Create Custom Icons for Twitter Bootstrap Easily
howto use the famfamfam iconset
18 Useful Twitter Boostrap Goodies You Should Know
Building Smartphone-Optimized Websites
Google on mobile
Bad Day For LinkedIn
6.5 million hashed passwords reportedly leaked – change yours now
50 jQuery Function Demos for Aspiring Web Developers
Built With Bootstrap
Placeholder Attribute Is Not A Label!
'Pulp Fiction' Chronological Order Flow Chart
Presidential Campaign Posters
Two Hundred Years of Election Art
Stylesheet Download Tests
test if browsers download stylesheets that are referenced with media queries that would not apply on that browser or device
32 Innovations That Will Change Your Tomorrow
Interactive Feature at NYTimes.com
jQuery Transit
CSS3 animations for jQuery
Pedal power
The Big Picture
Pull Down for Navigation
navigation on your mobile site
Responsive Navigation Patterns
Anatomy of a Mobile-First Responsive Web Design
Researcher reveals how 'Computer Geeks' replaced 'Computer Girls'
the earliest computer programmers were women and the programming field was once stereotyped as female.
NYT: "MEN invented the internet" - Boing Boing
Like hell they did
Apps Features: Social vs. "Related"