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Mediaspelers - Computer!Totaal
The Book Cover Archive
Draw Diagrams Online
jQuery File Upload Demo
Visualizing Ocean Shipping
View source on the iPad and iPhone
Handy bookmarklet
Suite of Javascript libraries and tools designed for working with HTML5
Population Density
Use the slider to move through the range between 5 and 500 people per km2
CSS Ribbon Menu
Responsive viewport units
Refactoring >14,000 lines of CSS into Sass
Vertical centering with Flexbox + margin fallback
CSS holy grail
CSS Checkbox Styles
Arnold Ipsum
Lorem Ipsum generator with Arnold Schwarzenegger quotes. And there's one with Chuck Norris Facts!
A World Map of Heavy Metal Density
on Strange Maps
Back to the Future
drawings from 1982 (thirty years ago)
A javascript library for multi touch gestures
Why Facebook Terrifies Google