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Week van 7.08.2022

Roe Decision Epitomizes Increasing Burnout Among Women
The US welcomes the employment and economic advancement of women—yet doesn’t actually support them. We’ve finally hit a breaking point.
We’re Sleepwalking Into the Age of Extinction
‘Er is in Nederland meer parkeerruimte voor auto’s dan woonruimte voor mensen'
We denken veel te beperkt over de rol van mobiliteit in onze publieke ruimte, zegt ‘fietsprofessor’ Marco te Brömmelstroet. En dat levert hele domme keuzes op.
Why the Voting Age Needs to be Lowered to Sixteen
The time to address climate change and inequality is running out. Young people deserve to have our say—while we still can
The Future of Transportation Is Not the Hyperloop or the Self-Driving Car. It’s the Bus, the Bike, and the Elevator.
Getting people around in new, different ways relies mostly on technologies that we have had for a while.
Why Did Europeans Evolve Into Becoming Lactose Tolerant?
Famine and disease from millennia ago likely spurred the rapid evolution of the trait on the continent
Stikstof maakt meer kapot dan alleen natuur
In alle discussies over stikstof gaat het vooral over de schade die de natuur erdoor ondervindt. Maar het is een ‘veelkoppig monster’ met nadelige gevolgen op meer gebieden. Vijf onderbelichte kanten van stikstof.
Spiralling inflation, crops left in the field and travel chaos
10 reasons Brexit has been disastrous for Britain
Good On You Directory
Search Thousands of Fashion Brand Ratings
Dozens of Brokers Are Selling Pregnancy Data Post-Roe
Het einde van Ruttes rekbaarheid lijkt in zicht
Het aantal correcties dat Rutte IV op zijn eigen kabinetten voert is talrijk, ziet Kim van Keken. Twaalf jaar Ruttiaans beleid wordt inmiddels onder dezelfde Rutte weer ongedaan gemaakt.

Week van 24.07.2022

Week van 10.07.2022

Louise Fresco draait lezers een rad voor ogen met tegenstelling stad-platteland
Landbouwcrisis is geen strijd tussen stad en platteland.
Facebook and Anti-Abortion Clinics Are Collecting Highly Sensitive Info on Would-Be Patients
The social media giant gathers data from crisis pregnancy centers through a tracking tool that works whether or not a person is logged in to their Facebook account.
What I Mean When I Say 'Ban Cars'
Somehow, every discussion about reducing our automobile dependency gets turned into a "war on cars." The only option left is to reclaim the language.
Patricia Arquette Is Still Sick of Women Coming Las
The actress discusses her role on “Severance,” being wooed by Nicolas Cage, growing up on a commune, and how women are mistreated in Hollywood and beyond.
How Politics Poisoned the Evangelical Church
Absurd Trolley Problems
54puntenplan - Urgenda
Een pakket kleine maatregelen als handreiking aan het kabinet, dat is het idee achter het 40 puntenplan. Met als doel het gat te dichten van CO2-uitstoot in 2020.

Week van 3.07.2022

The BA.5 story
The takeover by this Omicron sub-variant is not pretty
Lightyear launches "world's first production-ready" solar-powered car
Dutch startup Lightyear has unveiled its Lightyear 0 electric car that has solar panels covering its roof, bonnet and boot so that it can be charged while driving.
Do Birth Control Pills Affect Your Mood? Scientists Can’t Agree
Over 100 million women are estimated to use oral contraceptives, but studies on the pill’s mental health effects raise more questions than answers.
Bitcoin Is A Hideous Monstrosity Made Out Of Computers And Greed
That Must Be Destroyed Before It Devours The World, Part I
The Women Who Built Grunge
Bands like L7 and Heavens to Betsy were instrumental to the birth of the grunge scene, but for decades were treated like novelties and sex objects.