Interessante artikelen en andere links registreer ik via Pinboard. Deze worden wekelijks, op zondagavond, gebundeld weggeschreven. Hier vind je het archief.

2021 w28

MIT Predicted in 1972 That Society Will Collapse This Century
New Research Shows We’re on Schedule.
The Formidable Charm of Omar Sy
How the star of “Lupin” pulled off his greatest confidence trick.
A New History Changes the Balance of Power Between Ethiopia and Medieval Europe
For centuries, a Eurocentric worldview disregarded the knowledge and strength of the African empire
The Forgotten Interventions
The long history of US intervention in other countries’ elections has been omitted from discussions of Russia’s alleged meddling.
Victorian Society Ladies Defended Their Honor With Jiu-Jitsu
A lady never starts a fight. But she will finish one.
Yes, All Men - by Jessica Valenti
Only a small percentage of men attack women, but the majority let it happen
Cut Out the Middle Tier: Generating JSON Directly from Postgres
PostgreSQL has built-in JSON generators that can be used to create structured JSON output right in the database, upping performance and radically simplifying web tiers.
Here Come the Fall Tour Cancelations | MetalSucks
Study Projects a Surge in Coastal Flooding, Starting in 2030s
In the mid-2030s, every U.S. coast will experience rapidly increasing high-tide floods, when a lunar cycle will amplify rising sea levels caused by climate change.
The invisible addiction: is it time to give up caffeine?
Caffeine makes us more energetic, efficient and faster. But we have become so dependent that we need it just to get to our baseline
Opinion: Richard Branson's disappointing space jaunt
Mitigating further climate damage is the most urgent challenge currently facing the planet -- one which should interest the world's billionaires far more than that of stepping just over the well-trod threshold of space.
The lie of “expired” food and the disastrous truth of America’s food waste problem
Stop throwing your food away.

2021 w27

Were The Years After The Black Death A Golden Age For Medieval Women?
In the 150 years after the Black Death halved London's population, women enjoyed new economic power in the city. Caroline Barron asks whether this era truly was a 'golden age' for English women
The Complicated Future of the Handshake
The pandemic killed this 2,500-year-old greeting as we know it.
All talk, no jabs: the reality of global vaccine diplomacy
Around two-thirds of shots promised bilaterally have arrived, while Covax has received fewer than one per cent of surplus doses pledged
Belgium imposes ventilation rules for businesses to combat new Covid surge
Carbon dioxide monitors must be on public display so customers can see level of fresh air
Four-day week 'an overwhelming success' in Iceland
The majority of workers in Iceland now look set to move to shorter hours for the same pay.
New mystery AWS product ‘Infinidash’ goes viral — despite being entirely fictional
joke that mere mention of a new prod would appear in job ads came true and spawned books, songs, forks, cryptocoin, and more
Canadian inferno: northern heat exceeds worst-case climate models
Day of Rage
An In-Depth Look at How a Mob Stormed the Capitol
The Oral History of ‘Terminator 2: Judgment Day’
Three decades ago, James Cameron, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Linda Hamilton joined forces again to make the biggest, baddest, most eye-popping sequel ever. Here’s the story of how the machines took over Hollywood.

2021 w26

Joseph Fiennes on Brutal ‘Handmaid’s Tale’ Season 4 Finale Ending and Death
De Pink Tax
waarom vrouwen meer betalen voor hetzelfde product dan mannen
Operatie Nachtwacht - Rijksmuseum
Opinion: Vaccine Hesitancy In The U.S. Is A Peculiar Privilege
That's Dr. Junaid Nabi's perspective as an immigrant when he hear Americans say they're going to "watch and wait" — while his family and colleagues abroad are desperate for a COVID-19 vaccine.
Why ‘tiny forests’ are popping up in big cities
Community forests the size of a basketball court can make an outsized difference, providing shade, attracting plants and animals, and even storing a bit of carbon.
Pieter Pot
Met onze verpakkingsvrije bezorgdienst verminderen we de hoeveelheid afval en CO2.
Time to face the brutal truth: there’s no glamour at the bottom of a glass
Alcohol addiction has long been romanticised in films, TV shows, books and adverts. Let’s look at the destructive drudgery and sheer sorrow of the disease instead
Leiden in lego-steentjes
Leiden in lego steentjes optrekken, als het aan de Historische Vereniging Oud Leiden (HVOL) ligt wordt daar de komende maanden druk aan gewerkt.
Pfizer and Moderna Vaccines Likely to Produce Lasting Immunity, Study Finds
Immune cells are still organizing to fight the coronavirus months after inoculation, scientists reported.
The Anti–Birth Control Movement Is the New Anti-Abortion Movement
Republicans are “conflating medications that prevent pregnancy—birth control and emergency contraception—with medications that end pregnancy,” says the president of the Planned Parenthood Action Fund.
China is building a floating train that could be faster than air travel
Designed to reach speeds of up to 600 km/h, the prototype magnetic levitation train could travel between Shanghai and Beijing in just three and a half hours.
Three Core Ideas to Make Remote Work, Work
How a Burner Identity Protects Your Inbox, Phone, and Cards
Handing out any sort of personal information, whether it’s an email address or a phone number, can lead to spam, data breaches, or harassment.
Software Estimation Is Hard. Do It Anyway.
Being able to tell your bosses and peers what to expect by when – and then hitting those marks – builds trust in a major way.
The climate crisis is a crime that should be prosecuted
Fossil fuel companies lied for decades about climate change, and humanity is paying the price. Shouldn’t those lies be central to the public narrative?

2021 w25

Our world is built as though periods don't exist - even our toilets and sanitary bins
When it comes to women's health, procreation is prioritised, yet the experience of periods has barely changed in half a century
Corona Dashboard
Create a central information hub for the Netherlands about the status of the Coronavirus pandemic, and the local and national measures that apply.
Historical photos circulating depict women medical pioneers
they represent the first women doctors from their countries, back in the 1800s.
Let's Learn About Aspect Ratio In CSS
Learn how to use the native CSS aspect-ratio property
Vaccinatie vroeger en corona nu
Over de tentoonstelling Besmet! in Rijksmuseum Boerhaave
Drought-stricken communities push back against data centers
As cash-strapped cities welcome Big Tech to build hundreds of million-dollar data centers in their backyards, critics question the environmental cost.
Algoritmes versterken genderongelijkheid
Gezichtsherkenningssoftware werkt vaak beter bij mannen dan bij vrouwen. Vacaturewebsites bevelen goed betaalde banen vaker aan bij mannen dan bij vrouwen.
4-Day Workweeks Can Boost Happiness and Productivity
Reducing hours without reducing pay would reignite an essential but long-forgotten moral project: making life less about work.

2021 w24

Photos Of Juneteenth Celebrations From The 1800s
Juneteenth is now a federal holiday. How have Americans been celebrating it since the end of the Civil War?
Ancient 'Megalake': The Largest Lake Ever Held 10 Times The Water of All Lakes Today
Why Scrum prevents and causes Technical Debt
Birthrates are declining globally – here's why it matters
In fact, the Brookings Institute estimates that 300,000 babies were not born in the US as a result of economic insecurity related to the pandemic.