Interessante artikelen en andere links registreer ik via Pinboard. Deze worden wekelijks, op zondagavond, gebundeld weggeschreven. Hier vind je het archief.

2020 w39

'Algemeen gebruik mondkapjes kan nieuwe lockdown in Nederland voorkomen'
Hij is net 3 weken terug in Nederland na een jarenlang verblijf in de Verenigde Staten. En wat hoogleraar Gezondheidsinformatie Theo Vos hier aantreft, kan hij bijna niet geloven.
Covid-19 cases in Europe
Why Spain, France, the UK, and other countries face new outbreaks
Black Sabbath's Paranoid at 50: potent anthems of working-class strife
Written off by critics as horror trash from ‘unskilled labourers’, Sabbath’s masterpiece album took beaten-down listeners on a rollercoaster out of their struggles
How Pro-Life and Anti-Abortion Culture Kills Women - Maternal Mortality Rate in America
"Stop calling anti-abortion activists 'pro-life.' They're not."
Goodbye comments, welcome Webmentions
One Last Goodbye: A Farewell To Anathema, The Band Who Could Be Anything You Wanted
Progressive metal mainstays Anathema have gone on indefinite hiatus. Here we pay tribute to a band with the palette and the vision to explore the vast realms of heavy music and then some.
Dutch lawmakers demand answers after U.S. ambassador holds party for right-wing populists at embassy
“That would be a violation of the Treaty of Vienna,” one lawmaker said.
Melting Antarctic ice will raise sea level by 2.5 metres
even if Paris climate goals are met, study finds
Web browsers on iOS
As mobile and desktop operating systems converge, Apple’s hypocritical browser policy becomes clearer and clearer.
Lights Off: How La Haine Destroyed The Picture Of Postcard Paris
Mathieu Kassovitz's incendiary 1995 film La Haine lit our idealised view of Paris on fire – and remains just as corrosive 25 years on
Accessible Font Sizing, Explained
We’ll get into some specific a bit later but, for now, let’s explore the WCAG requirements for fonts.
How to pick more beautiful colors for your data visualizations
Common color mistakes and how to avoid them

2020 w38

Buying Myself Back When does a model own her own image?
Emily Ratajkowski on Reclaiming Her Own Image
Built to Last
When overwhelmed unemployment insurance systems malfunctioned during the pandemic, governments blamed the sixty-year-old programming language COBOL. But what really failed?
In photos: Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg
See photos of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the second woman to serve on the US Supreme Court. Ginsburg died Friday, September 18, due to complications from pancreatic cancer. She was 87.
The Little Cards That Tell Police 'Let's Forget This Ever Happened' - VICE
Some cops give their friends and family union-issued "courtesy cards" to help get them out of minor infractions. The cards embody everything wrong with modern policing.
Add comic book dialogue boxes to your next video call with this amazing gesture-based add-on
Because sometimes you need to say something without using words.
Does the Bible Pass the Bechdel Test?
A Data-Driven Look at Women in the Story of Scripture
14 Undeniable Signs That Donald Trump Is A Fascist
The 1930s called - they want their fascism back.
Reign of Fire Retrospective
Dragons, Apocalypse, McConaughey, Bale
Did Scientists Just Find Life on Venus?…
Biosignatures do not guarantee life, but they are a compelling argument for further exploration
What’s an industry secret in the field you work in?
Fascinating thread from AskReddit
Everything Developers Need To Know About Figma
Figma is free and browser-based so developers can easily access the full design files making the developer handoff process significantly smoother.

2020 w37

Warrior Takes the “Model Minority” Cliche and “Flips It on Its Ass”
Peak TV should mean Peak Inclusion, but the vivid Cinemax series has had to fight for its life
Why It’s Important to Consider Whether Dune Is a White Savior Narrative
Why Can't My Camera Capture the Wildfire Sky?
Why the orange sky looks gray
A small number of self-organizing autonomous vehicles significantly increases traffic flow
With the addition of just a small number of autonomous vehicles (AVs) on the road, traffic flow can become faster, greener, and safer in the near future, a new study suggests.
Opinie: corona-app vraagt om meer toezicht op grote techbedrijven
Er is te weinig aandacht voor de rol van Google en Apple bij de invoering van de CoronaMelder, betogen Natali Helberger en Sarah Eskens.
Even Scientists Are Freaked Out By 2020’s Wildfires
"We have not reached the peak. In fact, no one knows where the peak is,” one expert said.
Yes, This Interchange in Houston Is the Same Size as an Entire City Center in Italy
Siena, Italy, crams 30,000 people into the amount of space occupied by a five-stack interchange in the Bayou City.
‘The Social Dilemma’ Review: Unplug and Run
This documentary from Jeff Orlowski explores how addiction and privacy breaches are features, not bugs, of social media platforms.
How To Create A GitHub Profile README
Dame Diana Rigg
Avengers, Bond and Game of Thrones actress dies at 82
Beyond Media Queries
Using Newer HTML & CSS Features for Responsive Designs
Eleventy high performance blog
A high performance blog template for the 11ty static site generator.
Soviet Subcultures of the 1980s
Goths, Punks and Metalheads of the USSR

2020 w36

Let’s get real. No vaccine will work as if by magic, returning us to ‘normal’
To dream of imminent solutions is only human. But progress will come from controlled expectations
How Farscape’s Aeryn Sun paved the way for our current badass ladies of genre
But even in a space where female characters have had a long tradition of defying boundaries and pushing limits, Farscape's Aeryn Sun was ahead of her time.
COVID-19 Can Wreck Your Heart, Even if You Haven't Had Any Symptoms
A growing body of research is raising concerns about the cardiac consequences of the coronavirus
'Aggression, but also fragility': how Norwegian black metal grew up
New music by Ulver, Enslaved, and Emperor frontman Ihsahn is staying true to Norwegian black metal’s original spirit, while rejecting its violence.
Why HBO’s Carnivale Should Have Been Prestige TV’s First Big Fantasy Hit
Few television shows have so thoroughly rewarded viewer patience and attention to detail.
Autonomy Online: A Case For The IndieWeb
There is an alternative to corporate bubbles online — it’s called the IndieWeb. Build your own personal websites, control your online presence, and learn on your own terms.
Pelican live op Roadburn 2012 - 3voor12
Winamp Skin Museum
Wow.. nostalgia..
Can’t Stop the “Painkiller”
Judas Priest’s Classic Album Dominates Metal Thirty Years Later
Get Lost in 70 Years of Old IKEA Catalogs
The Swedish furniture giant dropped its catalog archives online, letting shoppers browse 19,000 pages of midcentury Scandinavian design.
Facebook Lost Me
It may seem like this is not tangential, but this is how white supremacy seeps in, and we are all made to believe it’s not that big of a deal. It is.
Accessibility In Chrome DevTools
article will demonstrate some useful features in DevTools which can help you improve the accessibility of your website
Stonehenge enhanced acoustics for people inside the monument
Scientists created a scale model one-twelfth the size of the ancient site to study its acoustics

2020 w35

Playlist Cover Maker - Spotlistr
Build beautiful cover art for your playlists in just a few seconds!
Chadwick Boseman: the unbearable loss of a prince of American cinema
What a terrible blow to lose a young actor of so much promise – the poignancy of his death made all the more acute by its echo in Spike Lee’s recent Da 5 Bloods
Riley Gale: the death of thrash metal's great idealist is a terrible loss
The frontman of Power Trip, who has died aged 34, mixed philosophy, economics and genuine empathy into a searingly potent vision for a better world
Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter on Making ‘Bill & Ted Face the Music’
on How the Beatles Secretly Helped ‘Bill & Ted Face the Music’
The Truth Is Paywalled But The Lies Are Free
so much academic writing is kept behind vastly more costly paywalls. A white supremacist on YouTube will tell you all about race and IQ but if you want to read a careful scholarly refutation, obtaining a legal PDF from the journal publisher would cost you $14.95
Notes for a Post-apocalyptic Novel
When things get hard, we look to our most fundamental relationships. This is the story of a son, a father, a camper van, a pandemic, and the ties that bind.
Africa declared free of wild polio in 'milestone' - BBC News
Nigeria is now rid of wild polio having had more than half of global cases less than 10 years ago.
The Languages Which Almost Became CSS
Scots Wikipedia
I’ve discovered that almost every single article on the Scots version of Wikipedia is written by the same person - an American teenager who can’t speak Scots
Build a Bootstrap 4 & Vue App - Vue.js Developers
Learn to build a Bootstrap 4 web app with Vue as the JavaScript framework (rather than jQuery).
A clean start for the web -
my casual, unprofessional pitch for a reboot of the web. The idea is that we could choose a new lightweight markdown format to replace HTML & CSS, split the web into documents and applications, and find performance, accessibility, and fun again.
Long-Haulers Are Redefining COVID-19
Without understanding the lingering illness that some patients experience, we can’t understand the pandemic.
A huge list of alternatives to Google products. Privacy tips, tricks, and links.
Photorealistic illustration of a Roland MC-500.
To Test Spread of Coronavirus, These Scientists Put on a Concert
In Germany, volunteers gathered in an arena for an experiment that could help create safety measures for live events around the world.