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Week van 25.09.2022

Could the UK abolish the monarchy?
How a roadmap to becoming a republic might actually work
Iran’s Internet Shutdown Hides a Deadly Crackdown
Amid protests against the killing of Mahsa Amini, authorities have cut off mobile internet, WhatsApp, and Instagram. The death toll continues to rise.
The nine boundaries humanity must respect to keep the planet habitable
More than a decade after the Planetary Boundaries framework was first proposed by top scientists, we are no closer to changing our destructive trajectory
Mahsa Amini: Protests over woman’s death claim more lives in Iran
Nine people are now reported to have been killed at protests in Iran sparked by the death of a woman detained for allegedly breaking strict hijab rules.
Inclusive Design 24 (#id24) 22 September 2022
A free 24-hour online community event on accessibility and inclusion
Google Maps voor handelsroutes 14de tot 17de eeuw
Hoe lang duurde het zo’n 600 jaar geleden om van Eindhoven naar Deventer te komen? Dat kun je berekenen in de vernieuwde versie van Viabundus
With Stable Diffusion, you may never believe what you see online again
AI image synthesis goes open source, with big implications.

Week van 18.09.2022

Britain may look united in grief – but polling shows a growing generational divide
In search of the lost “Greek” tribe of Alexander the Great
A trek through the Hindu Kush to seek out the ancient Kalash people, who claim descent from Alexander’s army
JSON Crack
Seamlessly visualize your JSON data instantly into graphs.
What's new in WCAG 2.2?
WCAG 2.2 has officially reached “Candidate recommendation” status, meaning it is pretty close to becoming an official standard. What's new?
Race Correction and the X-Ray Machine
The Controversy over Increased Radiation Doses for Black Americans in 1968
Toyota ranked last among world's top vehicle manufacturers for climate performance
The rankings are based on the manufacturers' progress towards decarbonising their supply chains, phasing out internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles, and resource reduction and efficiency.
Patagonia Founder Gives Away the Company to Fight Climate Change
all of its profits — some $100 million a year — are used to combat climate change and protect undeveloped land around the globe.

Week van 11.09.2022

Over 10,000 sign petition against Prince of Wales title after it is handed to Prince William
The petition says that since the days of the Welsh Princes the title has been “held exclusively by Englishmen as a symbol of dominance over Wales”.
Slouching Towards Utopia
Brad DeLong on why the years from 1870 to 2010 were humanity’s most important
57 Books We Can’t Wait to Read This Fall
‘It’s a Little Bit of Utopia’: The Dream of Replacing Container Ships With Sailing Boats
Global trade depends almost entirely on huge, dirty, dangerous container ships. What would it take to bring back wind-powered sea freight?
Queen Elizabeth II, Britain’s longest-reigning monarch, dies aged 96
Death draws to a close Britain’s second Elizabethan era and heralds the reign of her son, King Charles III
All the drama surrounding Olivia Wilde’s Don’t Worry Darling, explained
AOC on Masculinity, Power, and Politics in Post-Roe America
With midterm elections looming, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez opens up about the hostility in American politics, the role men must play to protect abortion, and her own shot at the presidency.
The betrayal of Erin Moriarty by The Boys ‘fans’
Using :has() as a CSS Parent Selector and much more
It’s been a long-standing dream of front-end developers to have a way to apply CSS to an element based on what’s happening inside that element.
The super-rich ‘preppers’ planning to save themselves from the apocalypse
Tech billionaires are buying up luxurious bunkers to survive a societal collapse they helped create, but like everything they do, it has unintended consequences

Week van 28.08.2022

The Sundown Town Road Trip: A Black Adventurer's Journey of Discovery
Exploring the diversification of the great outdoors in places built to exclude
A 17-minute flight? The super-rich who have ‘absolute disregard for the planet’
Kylie Jenner is far from the only celebrity to make short hops using private jets despite mounting concerns over the climate crisis
Lean Web Club
A learning space for people who hate the complexity of modern web development.
700m tonnes of CO2 could be saved if people cycled more
The world would save nearly 700 million tonnes of carbon pollution each year if every person adopted the Dutch way of life and cycled on a daily basis, new research has shown.
How to Make Your Web Content Accessible
If you create web content, even if you never write a line of code or log in to a CMS, you have a role to play in accessibility.
"Nuclear winter" would starve billions, but some countries may be spared
If a nuclear war were ever to break out, it probably wouldn’t last long. For a few days, perhaps a week, nuclear weapons would be fired between several countries and catastrophic losses would be swift. But what happens next?
The Future of Food
How the agriculture industry could go from farming to “ferming.”
What was that media query code again??
What was that media query code again? Copy popular media query syntax at the click of a button!
Europe Droughts Reveal Hunger Stones: Photos