Week 202028

A Complete Guide to Dark Mode on the Web
Dark mode has gained a lot of traction recently. Like Apple, for instance, has added dark mode to its iOS and MacOS operating systems. Windows and Google have done the same.
Megadeth: the story behind Rust In Peace
How a newly cleaned-up Megadeth made Rust In Peace – the 1990 masterpiece that sealed their place in thrash metal’s Big Four
DNA Linked to Covid-19 Was Inherited From Neanderthals, Study Finds
The stretch of six genes seems to increase the risk of severe illness from the coronavirus.
What Does the COVID-19 Pandemic Mean for Climate Change? – Lawfare
In a perfect world, the historic policy and economic changes made to adapt to the pandemic would move the world forward into a future prepared to combat the climate crisis.
A Rebellion of Youth
20 Amazing Black and White Photographs Depict the Early Days of Punk in London, 1976-1978
The Charmed Life and Tragic Death of Snake Handler Grace Olive Wiley
Grace Olive Wiley was an unconventional herpetologist whose love affair with snakes—and resistance to safety standards—would end up costing her her life.
Typhoid Mary Was a Real, Asymptomatic Carrier Who Caused Multiple Outbreaks
In the early 1900s, Mary Mallon worked as a cook — and spread typhoid fever to the families she worked for.
The Romanian Orphans Are Adults Now – The Atlantic