Week 202019

Ahmaud Arbery Would Have Been 26 Years Old Today
Today, Ahmaud Arbery would have been 26 years old, had he not been killed while jogging through his neighborhood when two white men [..]
Why I Switched from WordPress to Kirby
Soms overweeg ik dit..
Working from home surveillance software for your boss
Always-on webcams, virtual "water coolers," constant monitoring: Is the tech industry’s new dream for remote work actually a nightmare?
Tim Bray: ‘Bye, Amazon’
May 1st was my last day as a VP and Distinguished Engineer at Amazon Web Services, after five years and five months of rewarding fun. I quit in dismay at Amazon firing whistleblowers who were making noise about warehouse employees frightened of Covid-19.
Agile’s Early Evangelists Wouldn’t Mind Watching It Die
Agile often puts processes over people, and it’s pushing women engineers into non-technical roles. Time to move on?
The world is on lockdown.
So where are all the carbon emissions coming from?
The Coronavirus and Our Future
What felt impossible has become thinkable. The spring of 2020 is suggestive of how much, and how quickly, we can change as a civilization.
The Chief Habit
Your Ten-Minute Morning Fitness Plan
Flattening the Truth on Coronavirus
All your questions about the pandemic, answered. Sort of.