Week 202013

Why I Am Not Leaving New York During the Coronavirus Pandemic
I’m always enraged by the assumption that I would leave my city — the only place I’ve ever lived — in her hour of need. I am not leaving New York.
Why women’s bodies abort males during tough times | Science | AAAS
A database obtained from 18th century Finnish church records on families such as this one is helping resolve why sex ratios vary through time.
Climate change – CNN
The planet is a beneficiary of coronavirus
6 feet covers
A collection of iconic album covers redesigned to raise awareness about the importance of staying at least 6 feet away from each other, to stop the spread of Coronavirus.
The History of Pandemics
The history of pandemics, from the Antonine Plague to the ongoing COVID-19 event, ranked by their impact on human life.
New properties for virtual, postponed, and canceled events
Official Google Webmaster Central Blog
How to do effective video calls
Get good audio, use gallery view, mute if not talking, and welcome the cat.