Week 202010

Growing Coronavirus Epidemic Is Straining Europe’s Health-Care System – WSJ
Doctors in European countries where the coronavirus has just begun to spread are warning that their health care systems aren’t prepared for an outbreak on the scale seen in China, South Korea or Italy.
Why does soap work so well on most viruses
Thread by @PalliThordarson
Rich People Have Always Been Assholes During Plagues
When the first waves of plague swept medieval Europe, the disease killed both the rich and the poor indiscriminately.
The History of the URL
Their ultimate conclusion was to create a hierarchical system in which you could query an external system for just the domain or set of domains you needed.
SETI@home Search for Alien Life Project Shuts Down After 21 Years
a distributed computing project where volunteers contribute their CPU resources to analyze radio data
Adactio: Journal—Insecure
But there’s one area where maintaining backward compatibility might well have an adverse effect on modern browsers: security.
Please stop recommending Git Flow! – George Stocker
If you read the blog post, the author claims they successfully introduced it in their projects, but purposefully doesn’t talk about the project details that made it successful.
Why rock concerts usually mean watching white men, surrounded by other white men – Erasmus Magazine
Coronavirus COVID-19 (2019-nCoV)
Oscars 2020: best-picture typography
Butterick’s Practical Typography
Fruit Walls: Urban Farming in the 1600s
From the sixteenth to the twentieth century, urban farmers grew Mediterranean fruits and vegetables as far north as England and the Netherlands, using only renewable energy.
All categories – Booklets.io
Bite sized learning for creatives. Learn concepts from some of the world’s best designers.
Home of The JSON-LD Website
We’ve found some of the most popular examples of JSON-LD on the web from multiple sources, and wrote some of it ourselves and have made it available on this site.
A Developer’s Guide to Design Systems | Rangle.io