Week 202009

It’s not hoarding, it’s planning: possible pandemic pantry edition | Ask MetaFilter
Giant dams enclosing North Sea could protect millions from rising waters
say the idea is affordable and technically feasible – if intended more as “a warning of the immensity of the problem hanging over our heads”.
‘For So Long, Women Have Been Marginalized by Medicine’
Dr. Jen Gunter is debunking junk science about the female body with her aptly titled new book, The Vagina Bible.
Designing Windows 95’s User Interface
Three years ago I came across an interesting paper written up by a Microsoft employee, Kent Sullivan, on the process and findings of designing the new user interface for Windows 95.
Y2K Panic – New Year’s Eve 20 Years Ago
Two decades after the panic of the century, it’s time to finally hear from the people who spent years—and billions of dollars—making sure it didn’t.
Dark Forest theory: A terrifying explanation of why we haven’t heard from aliens yet
Lacking assurances, the safest option for any species is to annihilate other life forms before they have a chance to do the same.
Did the early internet activists blow it?
I’ve fought for a free internet for 30 years. Here’s where I think we went wrong, and right.
Is de corona-epidemie nu een pandemie? En achttien andere vragen over de uitbraak – NRC