Week 202004

Juichende reacties op plan voor flitstrein van Amsterdam (via Groningen) naar Helsinki – Groningen – DVHN.nl
Hell yeah!
We have the tools and technology to work less and live better
We can produce more stuff with less labor. So why are we still working?
Draw all roads in a city at once
26 metal albums we’re anticipating in 2020
Met police to begin using live facial recognition cameras in London
Civil liberties groups condemn move as ‘a breathtaking assault on our rights’
Women, Burdened With Unpaid Labor, Bear Brunt of Global Inequality
On average, women globally spend 4.5 hours of their day on unpaid work while men spend about half that time.
Hoe een 28-jarige weduwe het werk van Vincent van Gogh wereldberoemd maakte – NRC
It’s Time to Rethink Which Movies Are ‘Oscar-Worthy’
In Yoga Class, The Meaning Of ‘Namaste’ Is Being Exaggerated
Earth and Sun – Bartosz Ciechanowski
This blog post will talk about space and how our planet moves through it, so it’s only fitting if we embed ourselves in the cosmos itself.
PostgreSQL’s Powerful New Join Type: LATERAL
In this post, I’ll walk through a conversion funnel analysis that wouldn’t be possible in PostgreSQL 9.2.
Terry Jones, Life of Brian director and Monty Python founder, dies aged 77
Jones, who was diagnosed with dementia in 2015, was the main directing force in Python’s films, as well a prolific creator of TV documentaries and children’s books
Reader Mode: The Button to Beat
Building with accessible HTML standards is not a dead-end skill. Far from it. If you spend the effort to craft your experiences with a mind to semantics from the start, your content will be able to adapt to specialized reading modes, as well as whatever the future holds with little to no additional effort. Today’s Reader Mode could be tomorrow’s smart bathroom mirror.