Week 202001

Why isn’t Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor Who the lead character in her own damn show?
Syd Mead Dead
‘Star Trek’ & ‘Blade Runner’ Visual Futurist Dies at 86
Facebook and Google’s pervasive surveillance of billions of people is a systemic threat to human rights
There needs to be a radical transformation of Facebook and Google’s surveillance business model as it poses a systemic threat to human rights,
Firefox’s fight for the future of the web
With Google’s Chrome dominating the market, not-for-profit rival Mozilla is staking a comeback on its dedication to privacy
The Bewildering and Sexist History of Women’s Pockets
People Have A Fundamental Right To Be Protected From Climate Change, A Landmark Court Ruling Says
The Dutch Supreme Court’s decision could have huge repercussions for how other countries tackle rising emissions.
Climate change is a remorseless threat to the world’s coasts
The world is not ready for the sea levels it will face