Week 201950

How Reese Witherspoon Took Charge of Her Career and Changed Hollywood | Hollywood Reporter
“One even said to me, ‘We have a movie with a woman at the center of it, but we’re not going to make two this year,’ ” she says, “without any embarrassment.”
Groundbreaking South Carolina Bill
Compensate People for Forcing Them to Give Birth
How Silicon Valley Broke the Economy | The Nation
See how climate change has impacted the world since your childhood
“The most concerning thing to emphasise is it’s not over, we are not even into summer yet.”
Components AI
A new way to explore generative design systems
“Link In Bio” is a slow knife
It’s a pithy phrase, usually found on Instagram, which directs an audience to be aware that a pertinent web link can be found on that user’s profile. Its presence is so subtle, and so pervasive, that we barely even noticed it was an attempt to kill the web.
noUiSlider – JavaScript Range Slider
How I Get By: A Week in the Life of a McDonald’s Cashier – VICE
Cierra Brown is trying to do all she can on her own, but it rarely feels like she’s doing enough.
Finding the Right Color Palettes for Data Visualizations
Make a smooth shadow, friend.
I’m Honestly Fed Up With All The Bad News, So I Illustrated 50 Of The Best Ones From 2019 | Bored Panda
We are often bombarded with fear-mongering and shocking headlines that make us feel that the world is falling apart. However, while it’s important to report on problems and issues, I believe there is so much good in this world that it needs to be found and promoted just as widely.