Week 201942

Software Library: MS-DOS Games
Software for MS-DOS machines that represent entertainment and games. The collection includes action, strategy, adventure and other unique genres of game and entertainment software.
Why much of the internet is closed off to blind people
Retailers are struggling to make their products accessible, and customers are taking them to court.
The Internet Relies on People Working for Free – OneZero
Who should be responsible for maintaining and troubleshooting open-source projects?
Digital dystopia: how algorithms punish the poor
lays bare the tech revolution transforming the welfare system worldwide – while penalising the most vulnerable
The lines of code that changed everything.
Apollo 11, the JPEG, the first pop-up ad, and 33 other bits of software that have transformed our world.
The Secret Lives of Democratic Women Married to MAGA Men
The distraught wives and girlfriends of Trump voters have built a community around my radio show
How women’s life-long experiences of being judged by their appearance affect how they feel in open-plan offices
Women (but not men) in this study reported becoming more image conscious, changing the way they dressed, how and where they walked, and feeling exposed.
Dark mode in a website with CSS | Tom Brow
@media (prefers-color-scheme: dark) {}
Gender counts: Why investing in data on girls means transforming the future
We cannot possibly understand the situation and needs of girls without reliable data, especially for the most vulnerable and marginalised.