Week 201940

Civilization: It’s good to take turns
Sid Meier, the creator of the popular Civilization video game series, goes behind the scenes of the development of the franchise’s first entry.
What Would It Take to Shut Down the Entire Internet?
for this week’s Giz Asks we’ve asked a number of cybersecurity experts how exactly one would go about shutting down the entire internet.
Facebook’s Voter Turnout Machine Could Be Trump’s Secret Weapon In 2020
“While increased civic participation is necessarily good,” Carroll said, “one company controlled by one autocratic executive is not ideal when free and fair elections are being challenged on an industrial scale.”
Trajectories for the future of software
Sometimes, we make perverse decisions — we ignore sanity or (optimize for as little sanity as possible) in order to achieve some external goal that conflicts with the ostensible goal of the project.
Ginger Baker: Legendary Cream drummer dies aged 80 – BBC News
Microplastics accelerate cell death at 3 times the normal rate, study says
Google rolls out new privacy tools for Maps, YouTube and Assistant
The tools are meant to better allow users to control, manage and erase the data Google collects from those who use its services or prevent Google from collecting that data in the first place, in some cases.