Week 201929

The idea of Boris Johnson as prime minister terrifies me – that’s why I’m saying no to his sexist Brexit | The Independent
Frontend Design, React, and a Bridge over the Great Divide
American Hippopotamus
This is a story about hippopotamuses, as advertised, but it’s also a story about two very complicated and exceptional men. These men were spies. They were also bitter enemies.
Why did we wait so long for the bicycle?
The bicycle, as we know it today, was not invented until the late 1800s. Yet it was a simple mechanical invention. It would seem to require no brilliant inventive insight, and certainly no scientific background. Why, then, wasn’t it invented much earlier?
To Make It to the Moon, Women Have to Escape Earth’s Gender Bias – The New York Times
The Apollo program was designed by men, for men. But NASA can learn from its failures as it aims to send women to the moon and beyond.
Raising the American Weakling
Grip strength was a stronger predictor of all-cause and cardiovascular mortality than systolic blood pressure.
Google Promises ‘reCAPTCHA’ Isn’t Exploiting Users. Should You Trust It?
An innovative security feature to separate humans from bots online comes with some major concerns
Seeing France’s Wild Mountains Through a Clouded, Classic Windshield – The New York Times
The Citroën 2CV seemed like the perfect car for a road trip through the Cévennes region. And in its own slow, cranky way, it was.
Could Pablo Escobar’s Escaped Hippos Actually Help the Environment?
Some scientists think Colombia’s "cocaine hippos" could help fill-in for long extinct megafauna, while others argue that they should go.