Week 201912

Finding the Best in a Rembrandt Exhibition of a Lifetime
The Rijksmuseum is celebrating the 350th anniversary of the artist’s death by exhibiting nearly 400 works by the Dutch painter. Here are our top selections from the show.
Cloud Loss Could Add 8 Degrees to Global Warming | Quanta Magazine
A state-of-the-art supercomputer simulation indicates that a feedback loop between global warming and cloud loss can push Earth’s climate past a disastrous tipping point in as little as a century.
Karin Spaink – Weerwoord
‘te veel media die zich bij elke oprisping, fluim of stunt als echokamer en luidspreker gedragen, kennelijk zonder aandrang eens breder te kijken of door te vragen.’
Matt Mullenweg: Why working from home is good for business | TED Talk
Wikipedia’s gender gap is connected to the biased historical record.
Inventions: You have women inventors to thank for these 50 things
AMP for email is a terrible idea | TechCrunch
Google just announced a plan to “modernize” email with its Accelerated Mobile Pages platform, allowing “engaging, interactive, and actionable email experiences.”
Rammstein Deutschland video
We got an Oxford University professor to explain what on earth is going on