Week 201848

Spectaculair incompetente mensen bekleden de hoogste posten in Groot-Brittannië (en nog twee lessen van Brexit) – De Correspondent
Bowel movement | The Guardian
the push to change the way you poo
The Digital Maginot Line
We are immersed in an evolving, ongoing conflict: an Information World War in which state actors, terrorists, and ideological extremists leverage the social infrastructure underpinning everyday life to sow discord and erode shared reality.
We have 12 years to avert dire climate change consequences: UN report
Earth is on track to face devastating consequences of climate change — extreme drought, food shortages and deadly flooding — unless there’s an “unprecedented” effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, a new United Nations report warns.
The World Needs to Quit Coal. Why Is It So Hard? – The New York Times
Coal, the fuel that powered the industrial age, has led the planet to the brink of catastrophic climate change.
Major sites running unauthenticated JavaScript on their payment pages
David Attenborough says civilisation will collapse if humanity doesn’t take action on global warming at climate change talks | The Independent
Quitting Instagram
Why did one of the original employees of the social media platform quit the company and delete the app?
Esri Leaflet
A lightweight set of tools for using ArcGIS services with Leaflet.
Hoe de doorgedraaide mode-industrie het leven eiste van geniaal ontwerper Alexander McQueen
Net de docu gezien, erg aangrijpend.. Aanrader!
How Close-Up Glamour Shots Are Generating Buzz for Bees – Atlas Obscura
The Philosophy of SimCity
An Interview With the Game’s Lead Designer
The Planet Has Seen Sudden Warming Before. It Wiped Out Almost Everything.
In some ways, the planet’s worst mass extinction — 250 million years ago, at the end of the Permian Period — may parallel climate change today.
Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Nailed the ’50s
Amy Sherman-Palladino Reveals How
The Enormous Life of Anthony Bourdain, According to Those Who Knew Him Best | GQ
NK Tegenwindfietsen: een beetje sterven op Neeltje Jans | Zeeuws nieuws