Week 201847

Are Pop Lyrics Getting More Repetitive?
The songs that reached the top 10 were, on average, more repetitive than the rest in every year from 1960 to 2015!
Why Publish a Dire Federal Climate Report on Black Friday? – The Atlantic
In a massive new report, federal scientists contradict President Trump and assert that climate change is an intensifying danger to the United States. Too bad it came out on a holiday.
WordPress – 404 after Saving a Post
The Mystery Font That Took Over New York – The New York Times
How did Choc, a quirky calligraphic typeface drawn by a French graphic designer in the 1950s, end up on storefronts everywhere?
Why did Apple remove the iPhone headphone jack?
anything wireless is just another battery to worry about.
Ons basisinkomen volgens Rutger Bregman – VPRO Tegenlicht
dit eeuwenoude idee een probaat middel is voor armoedebestrijding en het aanjagen van nieuwe economische activiteit.
How to Deal with Difficult People on Software Projects
Legacy of President George H.W. Bush: War Crimes, Racism