Week 200509

photographs of the current time
Rolling with Ruby on Rails, Part 2
Rolling with Ruby on Rails
Show Me the Code
bookmarking system as an example for REST
Regarding Ruby (and Ruby on Rails)
The Hivelogic Narrative
New method of clearing floats involves using overflow: auto;
Major Internet Bodies
A Concise Guide
How Firefox Works
spread the word
XHTML Reference
from W3Schools.com
What is XSLT?
Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations
Printing XML
Why CSS Is Better than XSL
Comparing CSS and XSL
A Reply from Norm Walsh
Elastic Design Demonstration
from HTML Dog
Museum of bad album covers
the worst album covers ever!
ASCII Generator
10 fabels en feiten
Photoshop Tutorials
my profile
Yoga Postures
Colour photos from World War I
In het nieuws
from Wikipedia NL
Current events
from Wikipedia
What’s spreading in the weblog community.
Rock and Metal Reviews
The End Records
Dark Symphonies
Cold Meat Industry
The kick-ass online version
WYSIWYG editor for textarea
Javascript Content Editor
Content management with Plone
from 456 Berea Street
free stock photography site
SOAP versus REST
Some thoughts on Security
Implementing REST Web Services
Best Practices and Guidelines
Representational State Transfer
Look Around You
BBC Comedy
Deciding what Features to Implement
Go for the Win-Win.
Guidelines For An Uncomplicated Web
Less is often more
Fields of Rock
Interesting line-up this year
World Jump Day
July 20th 2006

Week 200508

Winkeltijden Leiden
Wanneer is het nou koopzondag?
Oscars 2005
at Cinema.nl
Making Complex CSS Simple!
Site in an hour
from Squidfingers
Het Grimm Project
Alle sprookjes van de gebroeders Grimm in Nederlandse vertaling
In the face of death
the story of Mayhem
Color Rules of Thumb
Interesting Things to Know about MySQL
Reserved words for various databases
ColdFusion TechNote
URL Rewriting Guide
Apache HTTP Server
Efficient CSS with shorthand properties
from 456 Berea Street
Make your own fonts. Online.
5 Simple Steps to a Quieter PC
Hexadecimal Colour Calculation
calculates tints and their respective complementaries.
Bullet Madness
free bullets project at Stylegala
Unobtrusive Javascript
For clean markup.
CSS: A tribute to selectors

Week 200507

Good sleep, good learning, good life
The science of sleep.
Map of the Middle Earth
Vector-drawn. Respect.
Skinning Del.icio.us
Music Band Fonts
from RockRage
Stewart Butterfield on Flickr
at O’Reilly
World Usability Day
3 November 2005
Advanced e-mail in PHP
A tutorial.
Methods GET and POST in HTML forms
The difference explained
Sun Tzu on The Art of War
Still want to read this someday.
Routes and maps
World Factbook
Country information by the CIA
Atlapedia Online
Maps, key facts and statistics on countries of the world
Encyclopedia of Arda
Tribute to and celebration of the works of J.R.R. Tolkien
Encyclopedia Mythica
mythology, folklore, and religion.
CSS2 Reference
from W3Schools.com
HTML 4.0 Elements
CSS-discuss Wiki
The collective long-term memory for the list participants.
Due for beta this summer
Pasting in Firefox
Overcome problems with pasting in HTMLarea
PHP Manual
PostgreSQL 8.0 manual
MySQL Manual
Ruby on Rails
Been meaning to read up on this.
Google offers Wikipedia hosting
Hurah for Google
Understanding Color and Accessibility
from Evolt.
Bruegel’s Netherlandish Proverbs
An explanation.

Week 200506

Opera to MS: Get real about interoperability, Mr Gates
Go Hakon!
The iPod End Game
Interesting article by Mike Davidson
Problems with the Dutch language.
An accessible bar chart
since image based charts are bad.
Information Architecture for the World Wide Web
famous polar bear book, now online
Cool URIs don’t change
From the W3C
ColdFusion MX 7
Latest release
Heading Elements, Semantics and the Spec
by Andy Budd
Investing in Usability
Testing versus Training
Dyslexic perspective on accessibility
what I’m currently listening to