Week 200448

Fear of communism in the 1960s
from Authentic history.com
Accessibility: On a shoe-string
"the appropriate use of tools can easily create sites which can be called effectively accessible"
Counting Queries
PostgreSQL Analysis
Childhood pictures of famous rock musicians
Before you die
100 things you simply must do
Can We Speed Up Browser Evolution?
Image Replacement Considered Evil
The FnE Method
Clearing Floats
Accessible Forms
Guidelines & Manipulation
A few Tips for Using Lynx
Writing Lean CSS
Visual vs Structural
Coping with stupid clients

Week 200447

iPAP: Photo Album Publisher
Fun with forms
customized input elements
WYSIWYG Editors And Bad Markup
Scalable rounded edges
Quotations and citations: quoting text
456 Berea Street
movie reviews, looks like I’ll lower my expectations.
Top 100 American Speeches
American Rhetoric
Shortened forms on the web
Abbreviations, Contractions, Acronyms, Initialisms, Symbols and other things.
Equal height boxes with CSS, part II
456 Berea Street
Carniv le
Death of Liquid Layouts?
Liquid vs. Fixed
Kill Bill
20 More Things You Gotta Know
Kill Bill
20 Things You Gotta Know

Week 200446

Netscape Revived With Firefox Backing
Who framed the web
Frames and usability
Experiments with wide images
An Introduction to Classes
from Zend.com
Getting started with Ruby
Let them eat cake
The French paradox
Monster Thickburger
A 1,420-calorie burger
Integrating del.icio.us with PHP and Magpie
Photoshop Phriday
Something Awful
Lorem Ipsum
Vogon-Poetry Dummy Text
Del.icio.us PHP API
Dietrich Ayala
Extisp.icio.us – mirthe
visualisation of tags
An Introduction to Client-Side XSLT
Digital Web Magazine
Technicolor experiment
The Man In Blue
33 Reasons
why you shouldn’t post your picture on the internet
Map of the Middle East
Test your Geography knowledge on this drag-and-drop interactive map
Color Scheme Generator 2
The Book of Mozilla
Long Bets
ColdFusion Functions
ColdFusion Tags
RSS Tutorial
for Content Publishers and Webmasters
Developing With Web Standards
Recommendations and best practices
by Defence Mechanism