Week 200506

Opera to MS: Get real about interoperability, Mr Gates
Go Hakon!
The iPod End Game
Interesting article by Mike Davidson
Problems with the Dutch language.
An accessible bar chart
since image based charts are bad.
Information Architecture for the World Wide Web
famous polar bear book, now online
Cool URIs don’t change
From the W3C
ColdFusion MX 7
Latest release
Heading Elements, Semantics and the Spec
by Andy Budd
Investing in Usability
Testing versus Training
Dyslexic perspective on accessibility
what I’m currently listening to

Week 200451

Google Zeitgeist 2004
Look at this year’s major events and trends
On pronouncing Rutger Hauer
Fascinating thread on IMDb board
Giving Away the Store
Amazon and it’s strategy for web services
Javascripts for Designers
Blake’s favourites
Schatkamer van Amsterdam
Documents from the city archives
Mobi versus device independence
"A step back for mobile web development"
Tiny clay oranges
I’m amazed
Macromedia 2004 Holiday Card
Pinguin galore. Beware: addictive.
Web Design in 2005
"Table-using designers increasingly seen as belonging to a lower caste." LOL

Week 200450

Search Engine Optimisation
The secret benefits: increased usability
CSS Zen Garden (Zen ocean)
I’m impressed
Creating Liquid Faux Columns
How to create equal height liquid columns with CSS.
The Marriage of Presentation and Structure
Read why it’s important.
The prince speaks
Scandals o’plenty. O my!
Het Groot Dictee der Nederlandse Taal
Test your skills with this yearly dictation
The Holy Grail
The musical
Dark Tranquillity
Their new album ‘Character’ will be out soon.
Online Etymology Dictionary

Week 200449

Float Layouts
An introduction to this tricky technique
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
See Johnny Depp as the scrumpdeliciously mysterious Willy Wonka in the teaser trailer.
Raid on the Medway
A moment of glory
The 100 oldest currently registered .com domains
SHHH!: Society for HandHeld Hushing
Messages for phone users
Usability Guidelines
A rather usefull checklist
Former guitarist Pantera shot dead
"Gale reportedly shot and killed another member of the band before firing shots into the crowd."
A free multilingual dictionary in every language
Plans for a universal free dictionary
From Slashdot. This could be very useful.
‘Laser scam’ gamblers to keep £1m
Laser rules.
The threat from life on Mars
Earth’s defences may need to be boosted against risk of potentially deadly microbes returning on space probes
Firefox users ignore online ads, report says
Good for us, I say
The alt and title attributes
Because it can’t be repeated enough.
The 6 Myths Of Creativity
Most Hated Advertising Techniques
from Jakob
Five Mistakes Band & Label Sites Make