Week 200537

The Free Disposable Personal Organizer
Evaluating Web Sites for Accessibility with Firefox
Using the web developer toolbar
Redesign Phase 2 – Information Architecture
Creating wireframe before starting on visual design
Cash Usability
I miss the guilder notes. They were pretty.
Solitaire MahJongg
Listing of available freeware versions
Y! Mail Beta Impressions
Looking rather slick.
The TV IV Wiki
an open encyclopedia of television shows
Zen Koans
Five Days with Katrina

Week 200536

Change My Documents / Music / Pictures path?
Location of shell folders in registry
Funprox reviews
newest underground music reviews
Gezondheid & Eten
effects of certain foods
Create a gallery from you Flickr account,
Lactose Intolerance is Normal
on the intolerance of cows’ milk
Firefox 1.5 Beta
now available for download
nicely done free icons
Help Beta Test Slashdot CSS
Slashdot’s doing standards. And it’s about time.
An Overview of Current CSS Layout Techniques
nice introductory article to refer others to
The Hows and Whys of Degradable Ajax
Dojo Toolkit
‘provides components that let you make your sites more useable, responsive, and functional.’
Starting with CSS: revisited
building a starting template
New Orleans crisis shames US
BBC NEWS | Viewpoint