Week 200550

Timbl’s blog
Tim has a blog!
NWYH Stock Image Library
Best stock photos ever.
Seek and Ye Shall Find
Top Ten Alternative Search Engines
24 ways to impress your friends
The web developers advent calendar
F*ck Christmas
‘Modern American Christmas makes Michael Jackson look positively organic.’ 😀
Prince Of Persia
remade in Flash. Too cool!
Turn peripheries into cities
Interview with architect Renzo Piano.
LG Flatron L1950S
My new monitor here at work.
Santa Maria
Gerechten, tips en assortimenten
iPhoto-like image resizing using Javascript
Nice slider
Yahoo buys del.icio.us

Week 200549

‘XHTML is not for Beginners’
50 years Gallery
from World Press Photo
Ancientworlds.net: HBO’s Rome
Episodes critiqued on realism
Alternative History
List of Althists.
Decibel Magazine
Reviews and articles on the heavier bands
Flickr: The Typically Dutch Pool
Colorize black and white photos
Malevolent Design
‘Intelligent Design isn’t just bad science, it’s bad religion.’
Empire’s 50 Greatest Independent Films
10 Places You Must Use Ajax
And a bunch where you shouldn’t

Week 200548

A false Wikipedia ‘biography’
‘a story about Internet character assassination’
The Beauty of Simplicity
‘why making things simple is the new competitive advantage’
Use web analytics to improve your website
8 tips
What Not to Do
17 most common mistakes startups make
‘Waiting for That $100 Laptop? Don’t hold your breath.’
On the recently announced laptop for children in development countries
E-mail Design Guidelines for 2006
Javascript Show Hide Element by ID
Show one div, hide others
Min-width & Max-width
Workaround for non-supporting browsers
Eye Movement and Lying
Eye Movement and Direction and How it Can Reveal the Truth or a Lie
Storyboarding Rich Internet Applications with Visio
‘Wireframes capture the structure and relevance of information for a given screen or page.’
Identifying Essential Windows Services
Part 1
Mozilla Firefox 1.5 Released
Get yours now!
Of mice and menus
‘Designing the user-friendly interface’
‘parses GEDCOM 5.5 genealogy files and displays them on the internet’
Ten Rules for Web Startups
Full-time freelancing
10 things learned in 180 days
the Wikipedia Browser
URL Rewriting
redirecting URLs with Apache’s mod_rewrite
Retrotag Your Weblog
Tagging with the Yahoo! and Tagyu APIs (part 2)
Little Britain
BBC Comedy

Week 200547

Is God an Accident?
article from The Atlantic Monthly
CSS Filters chart
Will the browser apply the rule(s)?
Minutes PHP Developers Meeting
Symantec Security Response – Adware.AdBlaster
Infected by ngpw36.exe. Thanks very much.
Recommendation for novel or series to read.
From Ask MetaFilter, has some nice suggestions.
Looking for Celebration, Florida
Intended to fulfill Disney’s vision for an experimental location where people could live.
Introducing SPARQL
‘Querying the Semantic Web’
Six degrees of Wikipedia
finds the shortest path between any two Wikipedia articles
‘A Realign, or Whatever’
Lots of black, nicely done.

Week 200546

iTunes Art Importer 0.9.2
automatically import album art from Amazon
History’s Worst Software Bugs
You Have to Try This on Google.
Google is now offering a new glimpse at exactly how their spider views your Website.
How to Get Started With Meditation
from Discovery Health
the Face of Tomorrow
the Human Face of Globalization
Dynamic Resolution Dependent Layouts
‘Linux for Human Beings’
Yoga oefeningen voor de rug
Versterking en ontspanning onderrug
Black Smiths
Following Beatallica, this band combines The Smiths and Black Sabbath

Week 200545

‘A single-page solution for exploring and editing databases from a browser.’
Goodbye, Kansas
on education, the theory of evolution and intelligent design
France at night
interesting comments on the current situation in France
Bachelors opleidingen: alfabetisch
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Improving Tabbed Browsing
results of usability studies
‘Last songs played’ signature
based on your Audioscrobbler profile
Slyck’s Guide to The Newsgroups
BNR2 Beginners Guide
PDF – Binary News Reaper