Week 201945

What if We Stopped Pretending the Climate Apocalypse Can Be Stopped? | The New Yorker
The Simple Dutch Cure for Stress
Today, the practice is so common that it’s known as ‘uitwaaien’. “It’s basically the activity of spending time in the wind, usually by going for a walk or a bike ride.”
Josh Homme interview: "Desert Sessions is like being a tour guide into the bizarre"
Josh Homme’s Desert Sessions is back. 16 years since the last record, the Queens of the Stone Age frontman has gathered a wonderfully weird group of people together for ‘Vol. 11/12’
Our Skulls Are Out-Evolving Us – OneZero
A motley crew of scientists argue that our ever-shrinking skulls are wreaking havoc on our well-being
Why Standups are Useless and How to Run Great Product Team Meetings – Andy Johns
Anything shared that does not explicitly unblock you is meaningless noise.
PureCSS Lace
How to Display Popular Posts by Views in WordPress without a Plugin
An Oral History Of Blade Runner’s 2019 Los Angeles, Because The Future Has Arrived
Thirty-seven years after it came out, we are now in the month that the movie took place.
This is what climate change looks like in Australia – in pictures
Hilarious Signs Spotted at Work
Aaron Sorkin: An Open Letter to Mark Zuckerberg – The New York Times
CSS Rock-Paper-Scissors

Week 201944

40 Major Music Festivals Have Pledged Not to Use Facial Recognition Technology – VICE
Activists declare the first major victory against the spread of commercial facial recognition technology in the United States.
Unpleasant Design & Hostile Urban Architecture
20 Years Later, and the Women of Angel Still Deserve More | TV Guide
The deaths of Darla, Fred, and Cordelia Chase were a waste.
For thousands of years, humans slept in two shifts.
Should we do it again?
Facebook Axed Pro-Vaccine Ads From Hospitals and Health Orgs, Let Anti-Vaxxer Ads Slip Through
Race and the Science of Starvation
Among the specious claims about the role of meat in the history of humanity: A meat-rich diet brings with it a masculine vigor that distinguishes carnivorous races.
The long and underappreciated history of male witches
and the countries where more men were prosecuted for witchcraft
David Benioff and D.B Weiss talked about the show at the ongoing Austin Film Festival and there were lots of WTFs.
A Single Div
A CSS drawing experiment to see what’s possible with a single div.

Week 201943

I watched Fox News every day for 44 months – here’s what I learned | Media | The Guardian
As a media critic, I’ve had an intimate look at the channel’s morning show – and how it poisons the national conversation
Chileans Have Launched a General Strike Against Austerity
Chile is the original home of neoliberalism, first begun after the overthrow of President Salvador Allende in 1973.
‘The Deuce’ – Rolling Stone
David Simon and Emily Meade on Lori’s Story
60 Extensions to Supercharge Visual Studio Code
Sharing Visual Studio Code Settings in Dropbox | Tom McFarlin
Iceland’s tourism boom, reconsidered – Vox
An introduction to Git merge and rebase
what they are, and how to use them
Asynchronous Communication: The Real Reason Remote Workers Are More Productive
If employees are consistently more productive when working away from the office, there’s something broken about the modern workplace.
Firefox 70 — a bountiful release for all
Programming Fonts – Test Drive
Clipping, Clipping, and More Clipping! | CSS-Tricks
I hope this will spark new ideas for fun things you can do with the CSS clip-path property.
Dark theme in a day
a programmer wrote to us suggesting adding a second, dark colour theme: a way to convince the app to use light text on a darker background
Dark Mode in CSS
Godhead’s Lament
20 Years of Opeth’s “Still Life,” an Interview with Mikael Åkerfeldt

Week 201942

Software Library: MS-DOS Games
Software for MS-DOS machines that represent entertainment and games. The collection includes action, strategy, adventure and other unique genres of game and entertainment software.
Why much of the internet is closed off to blind people
Retailers are struggling to make their products accessible, and customers are taking them to court.
The Internet Relies on People Working for Free – OneZero
Who should be responsible for maintaining and troubleshooting open-source projects?
Digital dystopia: how algorithms punish the poor
lays bare the tech revolution transforming the welfare system worldwide – while penalising the most vulnerable
The lines of code that changed everything.
Apollo 11, the JPEG, the first pop-up ad, and 33 other bits of software that have transformed our world.
The Secret Lives of Democratic Women Married to MAGA Men
The distraught wives and girlfriends of Trump voters have built a community around my radio show
How women’s life-long experiences of being judged by their appearance affect how they feel in open-plan offices
Women (but not men) in this study reported becoming more image conscious, changing the way they dressed, how and where they walked, and feeling exposed.
Dark mode in a website with CSS | Tom Brow
@media (prefers-color-scheme: dark) {}
Gender counts: Why investing in data on girls means transforming the future
We cannot possibly understand the situation and needs of girls without reliable data, especially for the most vulnerable and marginalised.

Week 201941

Ellen DeGeneres’s Bush defense remixed with Iraq war images
The host tried to take down a version of her infamous monologue that juxtaposes images of Iraq war devastation—and it’s only caused the video to spread further.
Historical Costumes collection
Introducing Sass Modules | CSS-Tricks
This is a big step forward for @import, one of the most-used Sass-features.
The Evolution of Web Content Management
A look at the evolution of web content management from the early days of the web to the headless, cloud-based CMS systems of today.
An alternative to Operator Mono font

Week 201940

Civilization: It’s good to take turns
Sid Meier, the creator of the popular Civilization video game series, goes behind the scenes of the development of the franchise’s first entry.
What Would It Take to Shut Down the Entire Internet?
for this week’s Giz Asks we’ve asked a number of cybersecurity experts how exactly one would go about shutting down the entire internet.
Facebook’s Voter Turnout Machine Could Be Trump’s Secret Weapon In 2020
“While increased civic participation is necessarily good,” Carroll said, “one company controlled by one autocratic executive is not ideal when free and fair elections are being challenged on an industrial scale.”
Trajectories for the future of software
Sometimes, we make perverse decisions — we ignore sanity or (optimize for as little sanity as possible) in order to achieve some external goal that conflicts with the ostensible goal of the project.
Ginger Baker: Legendary Cream drummer dies aged 80 – BBC News
Microplastics accelerate cell death at 3 times the normal rate, study says
Google rolls out new privacy tools for Maps, YouTube and Assistant
The tools are meant to better allow users to control, manage and erase the data Google collects from those who use its services or prevent Google from collecting that data in the first place, in some cases.

Week 201939

Game and Software Preservation
The Niceness Trap – GEN
Both Biden and Trump called out young women for not being ‘nice’ this week — because they think that will shut us up
The Most Overhyped Wellness Promises, Debunked – VICE
‘Wat een klein land doet, maakt toch niet uit’ en nog 11 misverstanden in het klimaatdebat ontkracht – De Correspondent
Grafisch ontwerper Wim Crouwel overleden | De Volkskrant
This Viral Video Of A Racist Soap Dispenser Reveals A Much, Much Bigger Problem | IFLScience

Week 201936

Way Before Roller Coasters, Russians Zipped Down Enormous Ice Slides – Atlas Obscura
These artificial mountains were fast, thrilling, and probably very dangerous.
I Visited 47 Sites. Hundreds of Trackers Followed Me. – The New York Times
Even expecting this, I was bowled over by the scale and detail of the tracking
The vagina lies
Debunking myths, half-truths and misinformation about women’s bodies
Behind the men on the moon, there were thousands of women – The Boston Globe
They did everything from developing Apollo 11’s in-flight software module to weaving copper wire for the spacecraft’s guidance system.
Naturalis Biodiversity Center reopens with a sustainable, future-proof renovation
One Thing We Can Do: Drive Less – The New York Times
Henry Rollins Thinks Punk Rock Will Save Us From Trump
I think what you’re seeing right now is the old guard kicking and screaming as it’s dying off. And that, to me, is 2019 punk rock.
The Misogyny of Climate Deniers
Why do right-wing men hate Greta Thunberg and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez so much? Researchers have some troubling answers to that question.
The Secret History of Dune
Not all of the book’s success is a result of inspired borrowing, but much of the richness and depth in Herbert’s imagined future of religious fanaticism and aristocratic intrigue can be traced to its creator’s talent for appropriation.