Week 202032

Iron Maiden’s Iron Maiden
the debut album that changed metal
If you’re not terrified about Facebook, you haven’t been paying attention
Facebook and America are now indivisible, says the Observer writer who broke the Cambridge Analytica scandal – and the world is the sicker for it
One Iconic Look
Tippi Hedren’s Green Suit in “The Birds” (1963)
Showering daily — is it necessary?
While many people shower or bathe daily, it’s not necessary and may not be wise for your skin. Concerns about water use –– and what’s in our water –– also are worth considering.
Hoe we gezamenlijk een tweede coronagolf zullen veroorzaken
Onderzoeksjournalist Art Huiskes ziet met lede ogen aan hoe de winst van drie maanden intelligente lockdown alweer lijkt te zijn verdwenen.
013 gaat diep het rood in. Waarom hebben juist popzalen het zo zwaar in de coronacrisis?
Het ene na het andere poppodium kondigt deze zomer ontslagen aan vanwege de coronacrisis. Waarom wordt de pop zó hard getroffen?
Beirut explosion: Frantic search for survivors of deadly blast
Rescue workers in Lebanon are searching for dozens of people missing a day after a huge explosion devastated the port area of the capital, Beirut.

Week 202031

‘Niezen in de elleboog is niet de goede oplossing’
Interview met Ruud Verdaasdonk over aerosolen en druppels bij het coronaviruss
Communicatie van de overheid hoort op een website van de overheid – Bits of Freedom
“Princess Qajar” and the Problem with Junk History Memes | by Victoria Martínez | Noteworthy – The Journal Blog
Japanese Firemen’s Coats (19th century)
Analyse: hoe alle 11 argumenten tegen gezichtsmaskers van RIVM en OMT geen stand houden bij nadere inspectie
Een radicaal andere landbouw zou de boeren kunnen redden – NRC
The Ugly Reality Of Violent Misogyny In America Is Systemic, Endemic, And Normalized
Deze mensen verloren hun baan in de muziekindustrie – 3voor12
In alle lagen van de livesector vallen zware klappen: poppodia reorganiseren, grote partijen gaan failliet en ook zzp’ers zitten al maanden zonder klussen. Vijf portretten.
When Women Run | FiveThirtyEight
To better understand what it’s really like to try and win an election as a woman, we spoke to women from every state who have done it — 97 women in all.
William English, Who Helped Build the Computer Mouse, Dies at 91 – The New York Times
He was one of the computing pioneers who “showed what a computer interface could — and should — look like,” a colleague said.

Week 202029

Why time feels so weird in 2020
Varg Vikernes Arrested By French Terror Police – Business Insider
Burzum terrorism
How Paradise Lost made the greatest British metal album of the 90s
Paradise Lost’s 1995 epic Draconian Times is the Black Album of British metal
A First Look at ‘aspect-ratio’ | CSS-Tricks
A brand new property that affects how a box is sized! That’s a big deal.
1-Line Layouts
10 Modern CSS layout and sizing techniques that highlight just how robust and impactful a single-line of styling code can be.
The Decline of the American World
Other countries are used to loathing America, admiring America, and fearing America (sometimes all at once). But pitying America? That one is new.
Was the Automotive Era a Terrible Mistake?
For a century, we’ve loved our cars. They haven’t loved us back.
Window Swap is here to fill that deep void in our wanderlust hearts by allowing us to look through someone else’s window, somewhere in the world, for a while.

Week 202028

A Complete Guide to Dark Mode on the Web
Dark mode has gained a lot of traction recently. Like Apple, for instance, has added dark mode to its iOS and MacOS operating systems. Windows and Google have done the same.
Megadeth: the story behind Rust In Peace
How a newly cleaned-up Megadeth made Rust In Peace – the 1990 masterpiece that sealed their place in thrash metal’s Big Four
DNA Linked to Covid-19 Was Inherited From Neanderthals, Study Finds
The stretch of six genes seems to increase the risk of severe illness from the coronavirus.
What Does the COVID-19 Pandemic Mean for Climate Change? – Lawfare
In a perfect world, the historic policy and economic changes made to adapt to the pandemic would move the world forward into a future prepared to combat the climate crisis.
A Rebellion of Youth
20 Amazing Black and White Photographs Depict the Early Days of Punk in London, 1976-1978
The Charmed Life and Tragic Death of Snake Handler Grace Olive Wiley
Grace Olive Wiley was an unconventional herpetologist whose love affair with snakes—and resistance to safety standards—would end up costing her her life.
Typhoid Mary Was a Real, Asymptomatic Carrier Who Caused Multiple Outbreaks
In the early 1900s, Mary Mallon worked as a cook — and spread typhoid fever to the families she worked for.
The Romanian Orphans Are Adults Now – The Atlantic

Week 202027

Can estrogen protect against coronavirus? Here are our latest results.
How do the menopause, the contraceptive pill, and hormone replacement therapies affect the risk of suffering from COVID symptoms? We have been analyzing your COVID symptom study data to find out.
Wat is er mis met erfopvolging? – Republikeins Genootschap
Erfopvolging is ondemocratisch, het verkeerde voorbeeld en levert zelden het beste staatshoofd op. Het gaat ook in tegen de rechten van het kind.
Disney’s High-Res Neural Face Swaps Are Shockingly Realistic – Nerdist
Disney Research Labs has created a face-swap neural network that supposedly provides more realistic results than any other system.
Facebook says the good it does outweighs the bad. But how many ‘likes’ make up for the hate?
I don’t know what algorithm Facebook is using to calculate the positives that it brings to the world, but I know too well the harm it has done
Coronavirus Brings American Decline Out in the Open
Without fixes for infrastructure, education, health care and government, the U.S. will resemble a developing nation in a few decades.
Iceland’s real-life Eurovision contestant, Dadi Freyr Petursson, on the Netflix movie: an interview.
Pierce Brosnan’s Icelandic could use some work.
What happened when the Big Four played together for the very first time | Louder
In June 2010, Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth and Anthrax played together for the very first time as the Big Four. We were there to watch history being made

Week 202026

Mounting clues suggest the coronavirus might trigger diabetes
Evidence from tissue studies and some people with COVID-19 shows that the virus damages insulin-producing cells.
What Mrs America gets right and what it gets wrong about 70s feminism | Culture | The Guardian
Mrs America gives Phyllis Schlafly a depth in fiction that was lacking in history but Shirley Chisholm is refreshingly portrayed as more than just a martyr
Mrs America review: Cate Blanchett shines in 70s feminism drama
The starry mini-series digs into the feminist wars of the 1970s, and finds a formidable antihero in the Oscar-winner’s take on Phyllis Schlafly
A history of Cheers’ Sam and Diane, TV’s most riveting couple
Their dynamic was flirtatious and combative, proving how compelling a protracted opposites-attract mismatch could be.
Denis Villeneuve’s DUNE Gender Swaps Liet Kynes – Nerdist
We’ve learned more details about Denis Villeneuve’s Dune, including that Liet Kynes will be gender swapped. Learn more about the character.
‘I haven’t worn colour since I was 14’: meet Britain’s longest-standing goths
Born in the 80s, goth is still going strong. Four devotees discuss the music and fashion and how love of the macabre draws together a warm and friendly scene
The story of Blind Melon
In 1993, Blind Melon released a video that went on to be one of the year’s most aired on MTV and their debut album nearly topped the US chart, but just two years later it was all over
There Are Many Man-Made Objects. The Rape Kit Is Not One of Them.
This is the story of the woman who forced the police to start treating sexual assault like a crime.
Nabta Playa: The World’s First Astronomical Site Was Built in Africa and Is Older Than Stonehenge
This 7,000-year-old stone circle tracked the summer solstice and the arrival of the annual monsoon season. It’s the oldest known astronomical site on Earth.
Climate crisis: alarm at record-breaking heatwave in Siberia | Environment | The Guardian
On a global scale, the Siberian heat is helping push the world towards its hottest year on record in 2020, despite a temporary dip in carbon emissions owing to the coronavirus pandemic.
We Don’t Need Cops to Enforce Traffic Laws – VICE
The law invented the concept of officer discretion so white drivers could get fewer speeding tickets. If we want to have fair and equitable policing, we’ll have to get over our hatred for speed cameras.
Trey’s Rage: An African’s Education in Being Black in America by Mohamed Abdulkadir Ali
I am Somali, I am African, I am a refugee of war. This is my history. But every time I go out my door in America, a 400-year history of generational pain, anger, and trauma is foisted upon me. It has weighed down every step I’ve taken there. It made me stumble when I sought to stride.

Week 202025

We gender-swapped some classic album sleeves and the results are spectacular | Louder
A rugged, minimal framework for composing JavaScript behavior in your markup.
Don’t design for mobile
The latest mobile devices are far more powerful than your average laptop or desktop. There are more and more hybrid devices which work with both touch and mouse. Are tablets mobile or desktop? Or are they a new category altogether?
Why the Coronavirus Is Killing African Americans – The New York Times
It’s Not Obesity. It’s Slavery.
Henry Rollins Opens Up About Toxic Masculinity and Abuse: ‘I Hate Men’
The former Black Flag frontman talks to Marlow Stern about his bizarre new film, how American men are broken, and why he’s given up on relationships.
Sass Color Functions in CSS
The complete guide to CSS media queries
Media queries are what make modern responsive design possible. With them you can set different styling based on things like a users screen size, device capabilities or user preferences.
Don’t (guess)timate your projects, forecast with confidence
Despite building software professionally for the last 15 years the sad reality is, I have no idea when something will be done and most likely neither do you.
50 Ideas That Changed My Life
Is Dark Mode Such A Good Idea? – Kev Quirk
I’ve decided to stop using dark mode across all of my devices, because research suggests that going to the dark side ain’t all that.
Best practices for managing & storing secrets like API keys and other credentials
Storing and managing secrets like API keys and other credentials can be challenging. Here are some of the best practices to help keep secrets and credentials safe.
GitHub to replace "master" with alternative term to avoid slavery references
GitHub getting on board legitimizes movement aimed at removing racially-charged language from software.

Week 202023

Medieval Myths Bingo
some of these myths are still being taught in schools and are thus quite common. Many of these misconceptions come from Victorian writers and historians who reflected their Victorian society into how they thought Medieval life was.
How Tuberculosis Shaped Victorian Fashion
The deadly disease—and later efforts to control it—influenced trends for decades
Mortal Republic – Vox
Edward Watts on what America can learn from Rome’s collapse
‘Dune’ Is One of the Most Influential Sci-Fi Books Ever | WIRED
A Twitter user was suspended for ‘glorifying violence’ after posting exactly what Trump tweets
The account @SuspendThePres launched May 29 and started to post tweets identical to those sent on Trump’s Twitter.
Netherlands Coronavirus Lockdown: Dutch Followed the Rules
Despite a largely laissez-faire attitude, the Netherlands has fared better than most.
From Camping To Dining Out
Here’s How Experts Rate The Risks Of 14 Summer Activities
Dear America: We Watch Your Convulsions With Horror and Hope
The world has been transfixed by the unrest in the United States over police brutality, racism and President Trump’s response. Here are snapshots of how people in other countries view what’s happening.
Listening to Black Voices Amid Murder, Violence, Protest, and Pandemic
Hi. I wanted to take today to compile a sampling of what black people (along with a few immigrant and other PoC voices) are saying
8 Minutes and 46 Seconds: How George Floyd Was Killed in Police Custody
The Times has reconstructed the death of George Floyd on May 25. Security footage, witness videos and official documents show how a series of actions by officers turned fatal. (This video contains scenes of graphic violence.)
US Law Enforcement Are Deliberately Targeting Journalists During George Floyd Protests – bellingcat
In these examples journalists have been shot with rubber bullets, targeted with stun grenades, tear gassed, physically attacked, pepper sprayed and arrested.