Week 201924

Pain: why do women get treated differently to men?
Research shows female and male pain are treated differently, with doctors routinely dismissing women’s pain as less serious. Rosie Mullender examines a gender bias that may be costing lives.
Opinion | Smash the Wellness Industry
Why are so many smart women falling for its harmful, pseudoscientific claims?
The World Would Be a Better Place Without the Rich
They coarsen our culture, erode our economic future, and diminish our democracy. The ultra-rich have no redeeming social value.
Temperatures leap 40 degrees above normal as the Arctic Ocean and Greenland ice sheet see record June melting
Normally, melting this widespread over the ice sheet doesn’t occur until midsummer, if even then.
Vrouw die Eddie Vedder lift gaf meldt zich: ‘Hij was enorm verlegen’ | Het Parool
De vrouw die zanger Eddie Vedder in 1992 achter op de fiets naar zijn hotel bracht, is gevonden. Ook op haar maakte de bijzondere nacht diepe indruk. ‘Het zou super zijn elkaar nog een keer te ontmoeten.’
The Music Industry Expects a Windfall. Where Will the Money Go? | Pitchfork
With streaming poised to infuse billions of dollars into the music business, artists are once again hoping to get their fair share.

Week 201923

Crowds of Tourists Are Ruining Popular Destinations – The Atlantic
De Nederlandse kruiwagen voor Slayer en Metallica – NRC
Srcset and sizes — ericportis.com
Responsive Image Breakpoints Generator by Cloudinary
Alarming climate report says 25m sea level rise on the way | Newshub
Opinion | I Want to Live in Elizabeth Warren’s America – The New York Times
Coco Chanel’s Secret Life As A Nazi Agent And Partner
Menopause and Alzheimer’s
Cake or death: AMP and the worrying power dynamics of the web
AMP continues to be a large part of the way people view web content on mobile devices. Following AMP Letter, what we’ve seen from Google is largely nice sentiments accompanied by business as usual, and the web ecosystem is suffering for it.
Deadwood Was the Rare Show About Men That Did Women Justice | Time
Dune (2020) – Everything We Know So Far [Regularly Updated]
One of my all time favourite books, can’t wait for this!
WebAIM: The WebAIM Million
An accessibility analysis of the top 1,000,000 home pages
I Used The Web For A Day On Internet Explorer 8
Oversharing: how Napster nearly killed the music industry
Twenty years ago, the idea of free music was so compelling that up to 80m users downloaded Napster and broke the law. The aftershocks are still being felt today
New Report Suggests ‘High Likelihood of Human Civilization Coming to an End’ in 2050
The climate change analysis was written by a former fossil fuel executive and backed by the former chief of Australia’s military.
Why and how to use WebP images today
WebP is an image format developed by Google in 2010. It was created to be an alternative to formats like PNG and JPG, producing much smaller file sizes while maintaining similar image qualities.
Police Post Racist And Violent Messages On Facebook, A Review Shows
She compiled posts that represented troubling conduct in a database that is replete with racist imagery and memes, and in some cases long, vitriolic exchanges involving multiple officers.
The CSS background-image property as an anti-pattern
The CSS back­ground-image prop­er­ty allowed us to do some amaz­ing things, but in most cas­es, it’s time to leave it behind.
Why we prefer CSS Custom Properties to SASS variables | CodyHouse
Building the most inaccessible site possible with a perfect Lighthouse score

Week 201922

A World of Women
On the briliant TV show Fleabag and women on tv
The Score | The New Yorker
How childbirth went industrial.
Warmer Offices Are Better for Women – The Atlantic
Women don’t just prefer warmer office temperatures. They perform better in them, too.
Let’s talk about The North Face defacing Wikipedia – Wikimedia Foundation
When The North Face exploits the trust you have in Wikipedia to sell you more clothes, you should be angry. Adding content that is solely for commercial promotion goes directly against the policies, purpose and mission of Wikipedia to provide neutral, fact-based knowledge to the world.
Job Title: It’s Complicated
I think job roles can be broken into two categories: bricks and mortar. Both bricks and mortar are required to make structurally-sound walls, even though they play different roles.

Week 201921

Feel no pity for Theresa May. She has been the worst prime minister in modern times
Deceit and dishonesty were hallmarks of her doomed reign. From her Brexit dealings to the Windrush scandal, she has failed
A Dutch Doctor Has Been Mailing Abortion Pills to Women in the US. Now the FDA Is Going After Her.
The Women on Waves founder says she “will not be deterred.”
Global sea levels could rise 6 feet by year 2100, twice as high as previous estimates
The newly modeled sea level rise would devastate parts of major cities around the globe, and displace hundreds of millions of people.
Yes, CF is “Unpopular”. No, I don’t care.
Why WhatsApp Will Never Be Secure
Every time WhatsApp has to fix a critical vulnerability in their app, a new one seems to take its place. All of their security issues are conveniently suitable for surveillance, look and work a lot like backdoors.
The Best Takes On The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Finale – Digg

Week 201918

The Legend of Keanu Reeves – GQ
Death of the calorie
The global population pyramid
How global demography has changed and what we can expect for the 21st century
The ‘Dark Ages’ Weren’t As Dark As We Thought | Literary Hub
The Giant Panda Is a Closet Carnivore – The Atlantic
Offices Can Be Hell for People Whose Brains Work Differently – VICE
Hey, Alexa: Stop recording me – The Washington Post
When Alexa runs your home, Amazon tracks you in more ways than you might want.
AirPods Are a Tragedy – VICE
For roughly 18 months, AirPods play music, or podcasts, or make phone calls. Then the lithium-ion batteries will stop holding much of a charge, and the AirPods will slowly become unusable. They can’t be repaired because they’re glued together. They can’t be thrown out, or else the lithium-ion battery may start a fire in the garbage compactor. They can’t be easily recycled, because there’s no safe way to separate the lithium-ion battery from the plastic shell. Instead, the AirPods sit in your drawer forever.
Humans Are Speeding Extinction and Altering the Natural World at an ‘Unprecedented’ Pace – The New York Times
But this report makes clear the links between biodiversity and nature and things like food security and clean water in both rich and poor countries.
Don’t Do This – PostgreSQL wiki
Wet Plate Photography Makes Tattoos Disappear
The End of App Stores Is Rapidly Approaching
Progressive web apps may soon free you from Google Play and the iOS App Store
Why you shouldn’t exercise to lose weight, explained with 60+ studies – Vox
We’ve been taught for years that as long as you hit the gym you can hit the buffet line and still lose weight. But there’s plenty of science out there to prove this statement false.
Why do the Greens make so many see red? – UnHerd
Dismissing Greta Thunberg as a cult leader doesn’t weaken her argument
Anti-Abortion Laws Will Put Women in Jail
We Can Do Better Than SQL
Medieval Fantasy City Generator by watabou
U.N. biodiversity report says 1 million species face extinction
One million plant and animal species are on the verge of extinction, with alarming implications for human survival, according to a United Nations report released Monday.
Making the Move from jQuery to Vue
De vriendelijke reus van de blackmetal – NRC

Week 201917

The former lead designer of Gmail just fixed Gmail on his own
Accenture sued over website redesign so bad it Hertz
Car hire biz demands $32m+ for ‘defective’ cyber-revamp
Why Won’t Twitter Treat White Supremacy Like ISIS? Because It Would Mean Banning Some Republican Politicians Too. – Motherboard
Was Last Night’s ‘Game of Thrones’ Too Dark, or Does Your Screen Suck? – Motherboard
PostgreSQL Features You May Not Have Tried But Should – pgDash
How Slack impacts workplace productivity – Vox
Over time, workplace distractions can metastasize. Many of us try to recoup time by multitasking. But multitasking doesn’t work. Instead of doing one thing well, you’re actually just switching between activities and doing them all poorly.
A Conspiracy To Kill IE6
The Racial Bias Built Into Photography – The New York Times
Inside the First Afghan Women’s Ascent of Mount Noshaq | Outside Online
U.S. Nuclear Power Plants Weren’t Built for Climate Change

Week 201915

Een bizar experiment – Foodlog
Adactio: Journal—Split
The result is a form of gatekeeping. I don’t think it’s intentional. I don’t think it’s malicious. It’s being done with the best of intentions, in pursuit of efficiency and productivity. But these code decisions are reflected in hiring practices that exclude people with different but equally valuable skills and perspectives.
Google AMP lowered our page speed, and there’s no choice but to use it
Coding Is for Everyone—as Long as You Speak English | WIRED
Study showing that children who learn to code in a programming language based on their native language learn faster than those who are stuck learning in another language.
Use your CSS skills to replicate targets with smallest possible code.
Jubelmoment voor heavy festival Roadburn: ook een dreunend orgel kan loutering brengen ★★★★☆ | De Volkskrant
Disney and the Future of TV
By controlling distribution of its content and going direct-to-consumer, Disney can deepen its already strong connections with customers in a way that benefits all parts of the business
The Difference Between SQL’s JOIN .. ON Clause and the Where Clause
Cathedral fire under control after spire and roof destroyed – as it happened | World news | The Guardian
Wikipedia Isn’t Officially a Social Network. But the Harassment Can Get Ugly. – The New York Times
Oh, shit, git!
Revisiting the rendering tier | The Guardian
From 62,783 lines of Sass to CSS-in-JS. Introducing the new server rendering layer for theguardian.com
Art Direction For The Web Using CSS Shapes
Bill McKibben Book ‘Falter’ Details Possibility of Human Extinction – Rolling Stone
Measles outbreak 2019: This is shaping up to be a very bad measles year – Vox

Week 201914

‘Game of Thrones’: The Best Ending Theories
Vintage Ads That Owe Women an Apology
The Web is ready for your fingerprint, almost…
Indeed, it seems that Google IS forgetting the old Web
"I think Google has stopped in­dex­ing the old­er parts of the We­b. I think I can prove it. Google’s com­pe­ti­tion is do­ing bet­ter."
Native image lazy-loading for the web!
Human Contact Is Now a Luxury Good – The New York Times
Most disturbingly, the study is finding that the brains of children who spend a lot of time on screens are different. For some kids, there is premature thinning of their cerebral cortex. In adults, one study found an association between screen time and depression.
Is Anyone Listening to You on Alexa? A Global Team Reviews Audio – Bloomberg