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Just wondering if there’s a country with he as top level domain. Sadly there isn’t. Otherwise I could have registered www.mirt.he. Here’s the complete List of Internet top-level domains. I could do (with th for Thailand) or maybe backwards to form (with im for Isle of Man). Seems like I’m not the only one nerdy enough to be wondering about these possibilities, there’s even a website for it, domain hacks.


balloonsJust in case you were wondering about the balloons on the right here, they’re here because it’s my birthday today. That’s right. Twenty-six years old as of 4 o’clock last night. Celebrations took place yesterday, which included the receiving of money. Meaning I can now treat myself to the iPod mini, which I’ve wanted to buy for a while now. So expect more on that later. For now, enjoy the rest of the day.


It’s just not fair. I seem to have caught yet another cold. My tissue supply is runnig low already. Apparently it’s untrue that one can’t catch a cold when one has just recovered from one. Poor me.


Happy birthday to me…