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Yet more links

Just a few things I’ve wanted to mention these last couple of days.


Just a few things I felt like sharing.


A few links I wanted to mention.


A bunch of things I wanted to mention. I installed Workrave just now, to help manage my (micro)breaks. Read this Tricks of the Trade article, which has some interesting tips. And then there’s the LOTR Sting FX Sword from the ThinkGeek newsletter. Very cool.

Black metal and specs

They’re making fun of Black Metal. I do appreciate the music, but the author is right. The look can be hilarious. I just read Why specs matter. Most developers are morons, and the rest are assholes. Gotta love that analogy.

Weekend reading

Stanley Kubrick

A bunch of articles I plan to read but don’t have time for at this very moment.

Most links are taken from


Orders of magnitude is fascinating. Especially the one for area.

One minute

Really like the idea of one-minute vacation. Basically it’s a recording of sixty seconds in a specific location.


This is the result of some rainy sunday browsing.


A few links I wanted to mention throughout this week.

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