Billy Corgan

I’ve taken today off work, and was hoping to be able to sleep in. But since the lingering smell of weed and beer in my hair drove me into the shower, I might aswell tell you about yesterdays trip to Paradiso where I saw Billy Corgan promote his new album, The Future Embrace.

We originally planned to go by train and tram, but the nice public transport people chose this day to go on strike. Luckily we still had the car available to transport us to our fine capital.

Opening act was a trio called Gliss, unknown to me, but sounded quite interesting. Certainly not the worst opening act I’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing. Billy, and the 3 musicians accompanying him (Matt Walker, Brian Liesegang and Linda Strawberry), played in front of a wall of tiles, which featured all kinds of images and colours. They played allmost exclusively songs from the new album, including the cover of the Bee Gees ‘To Love Somebody’. One of the encore songs was a Ramones cover, but I’m unable to recall a title. As great as this show was, it does make me regret I never got a chance to see the Smashing Pumpkins perform live. But, all in all, a great night.


 Johan Niemann and Christofer Johnsson

Just got back from Tilburg. Therion was excellent! Now I need to sleep. I’m getting to old for this type of thing. ­čśë

Update: here’s a review of their Antwerp gig earlier this week.


Went to see Yes, in Ahoy Rotterdam, last night. I grew up with their albums and this was a line-up I couldn’t refuse. I’d been once before, in 1990, I think. Quite strange to see the difference with the concerts I usually visit. Hardly any band t-shirts. People were actually drinking tea and coffee, instead of carrying beer trays. Not once did I smell any weed. Very weird. But good nonetheless. They’re old, but they can still rock.

This precious moment

Back at work. Trying to stay awake. Maybe a glass of water will help. […] That’s better. I wanted to post yesterday, but my dad’s got a new computer and is having some problems with the ISDN card. So I couldn’t get online all weekend. Well, not on sunday anyway. I didn’t try on saturday, because that was Ozzfest day! No wonder I’m so tired. But damn, what a great festival. (Check out the complete bandlist at MetalfanNL.) We had sunshine all day, I even got sunburn, which has never happened on a festival before. Luckily I was prepaired for anything, with sunlotion, sunglasses, a sweater and my plastic rainponcho.


I also brought some food and a bottle of water, which was confiscated at the entrance. Which I don’t understand, because I was allowed to keep my sunlotion. But okay. There were 10 of us and half went by car and the other half (including me) went by train to Nijmegen Central. From there we took the bus to the festivalterrain. Despite the extra busses, it was crowded with people in metal outfits. Not to mention the ever penetrating odor of beer, sweat and hasj.

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The concert last night ruled. Big time. But I’m so very tired now. I must be getting old. Anyhow, I was surprised by the size of the venue. Baroeg is tiny. But that didn’t matter. We came in halfway through the Novembre performance, but what I did hear sounded cool. By the way, you can download their stuff from Then there was Katatonia, who played an excellent set. Though I had hoped they’d play something of my favourite album “Dance of December Souls”. But that’s okay.
They were ofcourse followed by Opeth. I have been a fan since ages and had, to my regret, never seen ‘em live. Untill now. And they were great. The changes from fast to slow. Excellent! I can’t think of a different word for it.
And even though my feet hurt, my lowerback was aching and my head was throbbing, it all stopped when they played my favourite track, ‘When’, of my favourite album ‘My Arms Your Hearse’. Yes, my friends, if you weren’t there, you’ve missed a great gig.