Leica Q

Mooie review van de Leica Q door Craig Mod. Ruim 4000 euro, maar dan heb je ook wat. Toch maar eens spaarpotje voor openen?

The Q is small but substantial. Solid. It becomes an effortless all-day companion. [..] It captured everything thrown at it and into it. And while I was suspicious of the value of the camera at first, these past six months have made it clear that this machine has serious legs. I now understand the limitations of this photographic instrument, of which there are few. And I trust and enjoy it more than any other camera I’ve owned.


Ontzettend decadent, want ik heb al een erg fijne camera. Maar toch ben ik weer tot aanschaf overgegaan. Reden: formaat. Ik wil een kleine camera, die je makkelijk overal mee naartoe neemt. Handig bij concert, leuk bij ad-hoc uitjes. Of gewoon mooie shots die me opvallen bij het fietsen. Wel heb ik weer voor Panasonic gekozen. Dat is me goed bevallen. Ik heb nu gekozen voor de Lumix DMC-FX40. Snel wat test-shots maken!

I am a camera

picture of my new camera
After months of reading reviews and being unable to decide on one, I just ordered a new digital camera! Hurrah! I've chosen the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ8. I've ordered it online and it should be here tomorrow. Can't wait! :-)

Let me quote from the overall conclusion from this review on

In summary the FZ8 is a welcome upgrade to one of the best 'super zoom' cameras on the market, even if it doesn't address some of the fundamental issues we had with its predecessor (namely the inability of the sensor/processor to deliver results to match the lens). But it's a very well-priced, very well-designed, wonderfully versatile, fast and responsive photographic tool that offers SLR features - and an effective image stabilization system - in a very compact package.

If you accept that the size and convenience of this type of product means a certain level of compromise you won't be disappointed. Viewed on-screen at 100% the output often leaves a little to be desired, but for 'normal' use (standard sized prints, full screen viewing) the excellent lens and reliable focus/exposure systems cannot fail to impress.

There's another quite thorough review on


I've been thinking about getting a new camera for a while now. With the release of the new EOS 400, the EOS 350D by Canon has become available at a lower price. My dad has this one, and I really like the way it handles. Hm. But I'm also quite charmed by the C-Lux 1 by Leica. Hm, tough decision.