Altijd fijn, om half 2 's nachts je bed uit, om emmers op je trap te rangschikken, zodat deze het regenwater kunnen opvangen, wat anders over je trap zou stromen. Maar weer eens met de buren overleggen wanneer we de goot weer laten schoonmaken.

Update: toch even in de goot gekeken, deze is keurig leeg. Vrees dat het dus toch een kwestie van overmacht was: te veel water in te korte tijd.


Let there be light. And there was light. And then there were photos. ;-)

The dome was installed today. Looks great. The kitchen looks much bigger now.

Kitchen update

And then there was water to do dishes with and fire to cook on. Hurrah! Another trip to our friends at Ikea was required though. Ordered the remaining stuff. I'll get a call when we can pick this up. And now I think it's time to prepare myself something to eat. In the kitchen. :-)


I'm at home today, since I'm waiting for the rest of the kitchen to be delivered. According to the site, that should happen between 11:59 and 14:59, so that should be any minute now.

I'm also waiting to here from my dad, they're trying to schedule him for an MRI, to check his Adrenal gland. Once that is done he should be able to go home and receive further treatment as an out patient.

Update 13:20: it's arrived! :-)

Kitchen update

Kitchen in progress
I've just uploaded some more kitchen shots to my Flickr account. Things are coming along quite nicely. The cabinets (4 below, 3 near the ceiling) are in place, the tiles have been picked up from the store and are waiting to be placed on the wall. Now I'm waiting on a call from Ikea on when they'll deliver the rest of the stuff, which should be some time this week.


Ordered tiles from a store near where I work. They should be ready next week, can't wait. I've chosen Trend 1 by 1 centimeters of shiny mosaic tiles in various shades of white. Should be good.


Icon-magazine has a list of the top 21 things and people shaping design today (via Signal vs. Noise). On #1 is Ikea. Which reminds me that this is my very destination for tomorrow. I'm on the lookout for a new kitchen, and wanted to see one in Real Life after seeing it in the catalogue. Unfornatley it wasn't on display in Ikea Haarlem, so we're going to Ikea Amsterdam. Exotic, don't you think? Once I've made up my mind, I can finally start planning in more detail. I may even download the IKEA KitchenPlanner


Spend the entire weekend moving all my stuff into the new house. Plus another trip to Ikea was required. Bought 3 closets for my clothes, 2 cd-racks and a couch (the green one). So now it's finally beginning to feel like a home. Especially now that my music and computer are in place. But it's still weird. All those strange noices one hears lying in bed. Though I'm sure it'll be normal soon enough. And it's great being able to take my bike to work instead of the eternal waiting for the bus to arrive.

Shame on me

Completely forgot my referrers are still being tracked. Must have tons of records by now. Oops. I really should give my site some more attention, still have a redesign waiting in the wings. Maybe after I've moved into my house. For which, by the way, my fridge and washingmachine were delivered yesterdaymorning.


Don't think I've mentioned the lamp that was left behind in my house, might be a Rietveld orginal. I'm not to fond of it, and I'm afraid it'll have to go, but it would be quite cool to have discovered a genuine piece of modernism.


That's a map of Leiden [wiki] on the left here. The dot is my new house. That's right. My house. Sounds strange, doesn't it?

All went well at the notary yesterday. In and out in 13 minutes. I checked. Don't even want to think about the amount of Euros that cost me, but okay. Choose a sort of browner-than-eggshell for the walls, and a sort of chocolate for the detail bits. Started painting the walls on the first floor last night, after some delay and a trip to the Gamma. Unfortunatly the ceiling was worse of that we thought and chose to replace it.

Which led to another surprise, because the ceiling was stuffed with a sort of reed like twig like material ("tengels"), which all had to be removed. That took most of today. My dad removed the stuff, the rest of us spend the entire time sticking the debris in garbagebags. Dust was everywhere. It hasn't felt this great to take a shower in ages. Continue the painting tomorrow and hopefully create a new ceiling. But I'm pleased. Going to lounge on the couch now.


Can't wait for November, so I can move into my house and take my bike to work. I'm so sick of taking the bus! It took me over an hour this morning, while it normally only takes about 25 mins. Sigh. My parents left for a few days in Dublin this morning. Ofcourse I've been dropping hints about the nice silver jewelry they make over there.


I'm not to impressed with the new design for our national tv stations. Not to mention the cost. Anyhow. I'm currently arranging things for the house. I'll get the keys on October 31st, and I'm now trying to find a not too expensive notary. And sort out the mortgage ofcourse. And thinking about insurance, furnature, ADSL, kitchen stuff, and everything else. Wow. And it still hasn't quite sunken in yet.


Just made an offer on this house. Still can't quite believe it. Apparently I'm third on the list. They'll let me know on monday. Fingers crossed.