“Kort na het drukken van het nieuwe programmaoverzicht werd bekend dat Tool in 013 speelt. De nieuwe cd heet ‘Lateralus’ en ligt op 12 mei in de platenzaken. Eigenlijk hadden Danny, Justin, Maynard, and Adam, beter bekend als Tool, op Dynamo Open Air opgetreden, maar MKZ en de gemeente Lichtenvoorde, zorgen er voor dat het beroemde metal-festival niet door kan gaan. Op donderdag 24 mei (Hemelvaart) heb je dus de unieke kans om deze wereldband live in 013 mee te maken. De voorverkoop start zaterdag 5 mei om 10.00 uur ’s ochtends. Landelijk via Ticket Service (zie voorverkoop) en (natuurlijk) bij 013 boxoffice. Kaarten kosten hfl 50,00 (+ hfl 6,00 serv. kosten).”
I have to get tickets! [check out the website of 013 Popcentrum Tilburg for more information]


Dinner on saturday was great! The night after was a bit rough, though, because I already had a cold in the days before, but this evolved into the flu. Fever and everything. Why does this always happen on your day off? So I had very bad night and the day after (yesterday, sunday) wasn’t much better. Spend it sitting on the couch with a box off tissues and a glass of water, surrounded by bottles of variations of pills. Pills for fever, pills for headache, pills for a sore throat. Well, atleast I’m feeling a bit better today. Don’t know if I’ll be going to work tomorrow though. We’ll see.


I just found out we are going to eat at the Greek Restaurant, Akropolis, tonight! Jummm!


Weekend! How I’ve longed for this. My brother has gotten on the bus safely, or so my mother told me. The house seems quiet. Strange. I wonder what it will be like when one of us, or both of us have moved out… I think I’ll go and check my mail now.


I just checked the status of my latest order at A&B Sound. I ordered Casino, True Romance, The Big Lebowski, The Usual Suspects and 8MM. All on DVD. All are waiting in the warehouse, except for The Big Lebowski, which is in backorder status. Darn. I hope they arrive soon. By the way, The Usual Suspects and Casino where presents for my birthday from my parents and The Big Lebowski has been ordered by my brother. So don’t think I’m extremely rich. Unfortunately, I’m not. 🙁


Just finished the website for Conink Consultants BV. This was just phase one, with static pages. Soon phase two will follow, an intranet like webbased application for the people at Conink to use while working on projects. Plan is to do this in ColdFusion. Look forward to it, it has been far to long since I’ve started a real, big, hands-on project.


“On 25 April, prior to a routine shut-down, the reactor crew at Chernobyl-4 began preparing for a test to determine how long turbines would spin and supply power following a loss of main electrical power supply. Similar tests had already been carried out at Chernobyl and other plants, despite the fact that these reactors were known to be very unstable at low power settings.
A series of operator actions, including the disabling of automatic shutdown mechanisms, preceded the attempted test early on 26 April. As water flow diminished, power output increased. When the operator moved to shut down the reactor from its unstable condition arising from previous errors, a peculiarity of the design caused the power to surge dramatically.
The fuel elements ruptured and the resultant explosive force of steam lifted off the cover plate of the reactor, releasing fission products to the atmosphere. A second explosion threw out fragments of burning fuel and graphite from the core and allowed air to rush in, causing the graphite moderator to burst into flames. The graphite burned for nine days, causing the main release of radioactivity into the environment. A total of about 12 x 1018 Bq of radiation was released.
Some 5000 tonnes of boron, dolomite, sand, clay and lead were dropped on to the burning core by helicopter in an effort to extinguish the blaze and limit the release of radioactive particles.”

I can’t believe that was already 15 years ago, yesterday. I still remember it happening. I remember how we (all the way in Holland) couldn’t eat spinage or use tealeaves for months. And ofcourse the horrible footage all over the news. Also a scarry thought: similar, but modifed reactors continue to operate in Russia and Lithuania. For more info check, The Uranium Institute | Nuclear Industry Issues | Chernobyl.