Buurman & Buurman
Gistermiddag naar de voorstelling 'Buurman & Buurman beginnen voor zichzelf' in de Leidsche Schouwburg geweest. Op zich al grappig om eens mee te maken hoe zo'n hele zaal vol kinderen reageert. Nora & Abby hebben zich in ieder geval prima vermaakt, hoewel het voor Abby eigenlijk net een half uurtje te lang duurde.


Net terug uit Alphen, waar Mike & Thomas hun show Sex & drugs & Hoog-Barok speelden. Echt niet na te vertellen vrees ik, maar ik heb hard zitten lachen. Las in een interview dat ze veel improviseren, dus ik wil em nog wel eens op televee zien als de show elders opgenomen is. Aanrader!

Vreemd trouwens, om weer eens in Alphen te zijn. Wel een mooie, ruime schouwburg. Die bij ons in Leiden is erg knus, maar daardoor is het helaas vaak wel moeilijk om aan kaartjes te komen.


I'm going to see a preformance by the Shaolin Kung Fu Group next week in Lucent Danstheater (Den Haag). They're performing 'The Seasons and the King'. Though not really sure what to expect, I am quite looking forward to it.
The topic, the concept and the exercises: everything originates directly from the famous Shaolin temple in China. The Kung Fu monks know this Temple and the famous exercises like no one else. This production gives a picture of the daily practices during the four seasons. Beside the spectacular exercises we see components, which have not yet been shown not yet earlier in the west.


Took the afternoon off, to do some shopping. Bought a pair of Serenity from the Wolky shop, in black ofcourse. Looking at the pricetag, I don't think you can call these flip flops anymore, migh call them the upgrade. Ah well, they're supposed to last forever and I like wearing them in summer so it's a worthy investment.

Going to see Ernesto en Marcellino in theater tonight. It's meant to be quite absurd. Not sure what to expect, we'll see.


Went to see Joep Onderdelinden in Theater Castellum in Alphen earlier tonight. The theater was a bit of a dissapointment unfortunatly. And I was shocked to see the way Alphen had changed. Hadn't been there in years, and they've filled it with all kinds of new shops. Very strange. My haircut fortunately was a big success. It's short though. Hasn't been this short in maybe twenty years!


Going to see Thomas van Luyn and Mike Boddé with their show 'Ajuinen en Look' tonight. Not sure what to expect, but looking forward to it nonetheless.


Going to see Vincent Bijlo tomorrow night. Went to see his previous show last year, which was very entertaining. Though the reviews for this one aren't as promising, I'm sure it won't be a waste of time. Oh, and I've heard good things about the movie Munich, which I'm hoping to see some time soon.


Somedays I just want to pack up an go live in a forest somewhere. Or go back to school. Which is probably why I just ordered the brochure for the Open University. Might find something nice to sink my teeth into. Or maybe -probably- I'll browse the brochure and store it in a drawer somewhere. I'm so predictable. Could it be Quarter-life crisis or is it -probably is- just a momentarily lapse? Anyhow. I'm going to see Antiquariaat Oblomov by Erik van Muiswinkel and Diederik van Vleuten in Schiedam tonight. That should take my mind of things.