Roots Village Bag in Vintage Tribe Leather
Ben al een tijdje op zoek naar de perfecte leren tas. Na lang zoeken in diverse steden, vond ik em uiteindelijk online bij het Canadese Roost, de zogenaamde Village Bag in Vintage Tribe Leather.

Kreeg al vrij snel bericht dat ie verzonden was en trof vandaag een briefje van TNT dat ze gepoogd hadden het pakketje te bezorgen. Helaas proberen ze het pas maandag weer, wat door omstandigheden zou betekenen dat ik em pas woensdag zou kunnen halen. Ongeduldig als ik ben toch even de koerier gebeld, en hoewel de aardige man van me aanvankelijk tot zijn spijt teleur moest stellen, belde hij later terug om te melden dat hij het ging regelen en ik em morgen alsnog bij het postkantoor kan halen. Joechei! En hulde voor Henkos!


Nou, mooi is dat. Begin november zag ik dat de DVD box van de geweldige Six Feet Under serie voor relatief weinig bij stond. Omdat ik die al een tijdje wilde hebben, heb ik die toen besteld. Na een paar dagen zag ik via de tracking service dat ie verzonden was en in een depot in Engeland stond. En dat duurde maar. Tot ik zojuist een mailtje kreeg dat het pakket undeliverable was en is teruggestuurd naar Amazon. Ik krijg mijn geld terug en mag het product opnieuw bestellen. Pff.


Vond op de altijd interessante Swissmiss een post over It works by finding people who share your taste. You answer a few visual questions by clicking what you like and like magic, Etsy spits out products matching your taste. Als Etsy verslaafde gelijk even doorlopen natuurlijk. Et voila, een aardig overzicht van producten waar ik wel blij ende hebberig van wordt. Zoals bijv een Glow in the Dark Bela Legosi t-shirt, wat moet ik daar nou nog aan toevoegen!


I finally had my furnace replaced for a newer, smaller model. It's also a lot less noisy. The other one sometimes sounded like a WWI bomber about to take off. So I'm ready for winter to start! Unfortunately the plumber accidentally hit my lamp, which then needed to be replaced. I went to IKEA earlier today to do just that. Strange though, how even with a strict mission like the one at hand, you always end up buying more stuff. I do tell myself they're all things I actually really needed, but still.

Den Bosch

On our continued exploration of the bigger cities within a reasonable train journey, we went to 's-Hertogenbosch yesterday to get some shopping done. The city was preparing for next weeks carnival celebration as it transforms itself into Oeteldonk.


I'm working from home today, and after that I've taken a few days off. I'm hoping to catch up on some much needed sleep and do some reading. Apart from a shopping trip to our fine capital, Amsterdam, on friday, I hope to do as little as humanly possible. I've also treated myself to a Shiatsu on monday. So I'll be a new woman when I'll return to work on tuesday. Hopefully.

Den Haag

We were planning on visiting Utrecht, to do some shopping. But shortly before heading off to the station, I found out there were difficulties with the trains. So we decided to go to the The Hague instead. We decided to skip the route we usually take, passing our favourite stores, in favour of a fresh view. We even passed Paleis Noordeinde, which is the Queen's working palace. All in all a nice day out, not many successful finds though. I've been looking for the perfect black trench coat for a while now, and found one in a small boutique. Unfortunately the sleeves turned out the be to short, so my quest continues.


Though I'm back at work on monday, at the moment I'm still enjoying my time off. Went to Amsterdam on wednesday, browsed most of my favourite shops, was amazed by the sheer amount of tourists in our fine capital. Going to the cinema tonight, to see Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest.


Vocalist Mariusz Duda
Went shopping in Haarlem yesterday, bought some nice things. Should have spared my feet though, because I had tickets for Riverside in Zoetermeer that very evening. But, despite the discomfort of sore feet, I must say it was a great show.

Lees verder


I'm a lady of leisure this week. Finally had the time to do all the things I've been meaning to do for a while now. For instance, I just got back from Katwijk to visit a store called Leatherman's Factory, which -as you might have guessed- sells leather jackets. I've been searching for the perfect black leather jacket for years now. I've had one I bought second hand at the Waterlooplein market in Amsterdam years ago, but that wasn't a great fit plus it didn't look all that great anymore. So we got to the store, I described my quest and the first jacket handed to me (Italian calfskin, with a deep red lining) was perfect! :-D


Took the afternoon off, to do some shopping. Bought a pair of Serenity from the Wolky shop, in black ofcourse. Looking at the pricetag, I don't think you can call these flip flops anymore, migh call them the upgrade. Ah well, they're supposed to last forever and I like wearing them in summer so it's a worthy investment.

Going to see Ernesto en Marcellino in theater tonight. It's meant to be quite absurd. Not sure what to expect, we'll see.


Went to Utrecht on friday. Finally bought a Bamboo Steamer, which I'd wanted to try for ages. We had diner at De Lachende Kikker on saturday, which has the best steaks around. Unfortunatly my jaw was still a bit painful from the recenty dentistry. But it was delicious nonetheless.


Went to our fine capitol Amsterdam today. Mostly browsing and bits of shopping. Finally bought the Shogun DVD. Think I'll wait a while before watching it, as I've just finished the book.

I was also hoping to get a few nice additions to my wardrobe. Though not very impressed with the current offerings in the average shops, I did get some nice pieces at Bijenkorf, which we usually only visit to point and laugh at the ridiculous prices.

Speaking of prices, we also browsed the winter collection at Claudia Sträter. Found some really nice stuff. Left emptyhanded though, a bit beyond my budget. Maybe one day.

I also want to mention that I was horrified to find a row of Ramones t-shirts at H&M. I wonder how many people bought it, not knowing how they were. Not good.


We went for another round of Ikea today, to return the last of the leftovers from my kitchen and to check out the available matrasses. In the end I didn't get on there, but ordered one from a different shop, namely CASBA. It should be delivered in 2-3 weeks. Can't wait!

Afterwards I had dinner at my parents house, at which time my mother thought I might aswell explain the interface of her new video recorder. Apparently that was more convenient than reading the manual herself. Not sure where the fear for those comes from, or if she'll ever realise that most interfaces are -in their core- pretty much the same. :-)