Oe, dit is leuk. Ik heb de boxen in mijn huis via mijn versterker aan mijn computer aangesloten. Over het algemeen speel ik met een sluwe smart playlist in iTunes de hele dag een fijne mengeling van muziek. Echter, als ik beneden ben, kan ik niet zien wat er ook alweer speelt én dit eventueel aanpassen. Daarom ben ik nu erg blij met de vondst van zojuist: de Remote app, waarmee ik vanaf de iPod Touch mijn huidige playlist kan benaderen en beïnvloeden. Erg kek!


Lifehacker heeft een artikel over ontbrekende functionaliteit in iTunes. Ik gebruik iTunes vrij intensief, zowel thuis als op het werk. Belangrijkste reden is de SmartPlaylist, waarmee ik toch erg fijn non-stop naar muziek uit mijn verzameling kan luisteren. Maar ook ik mis nog wel het nodige.

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It's taken me awhile, but I think I've found a way to make the ultimate playlist in iTunes. I'll try to explain, maybe it's of use to you. The screenshots are in Dutch, but hopefully you'll get the idea. I'm thinking of adding more screenshots of details of all the lists on Flickr some time in the future.

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Music library

I fear I'm a bit of a slave to my current obsession at the moment. It's my music/iTunes collection. After first spending way too much time getting all the ID3 tags right, I now discovered two bits of software to continue the refining process. First there's MixMeister DJ Mixing Software, a free program you can use to determine the exact BPM (beats per minute) of any song. Which then allows you to create Smart Playlists based on those numbers. Groovy!

Then there's Album Cover Art Downloader which helps find all those album covers, so you can fully appreciate iTunes 7 coverflow. Nice!


Since moving to the new office, the music situation changed a bit. I'm now serving all the music on our share using an iTunes partyshuffle. Saves time from choosing what to hear and also keeps us from hearing the same stuff too often. Which has happened in the past. Also, to make it possible for others to see what's playing, skip songs or change volume, I found a bit of software called rTunes. Which, after a bit of tweaking, works rather nicely. Also, you can check out what's playing on out account.


I've been in the process of migrating my cd collection to my 300GB harddisc I bought a while ago. I've recently crossed the 100GB barrier and have since noticed a drop in performance with iTunes, which is currently my player. I also tried using the Winamp library functions, but I miss the possibilities the iTunes smart playlists offer. Hm. Anyhow, there's an interesting article on What Do I Know, entitled Rip and Goodbye on a similar process.