Wilde al een tijdje een mediaplayer voor de opslag en het afkijken van films en series. Na de nodige research heb ik gekozen voor de WD TV Live. Wifi is wel een belangrijk punt en ook een goeie user interface vind ik erg belangrijk. Op Youtube de nodige reviews bekeken van soortgelijke apparaten, maar deze sprong er wel uit wat mij betreft. Op termijn wil ik de externe HD aan de Fritzbox router hangen en dan via een 2e WD TV Live aan mijn andere tv bij dezelfde bestanden kunnen. Luxe!


Beetje chaotische dag vandaag. Nog wat aanpassingen gedaan aan de nieuwe WNF-site, welke we gister na bijna 2 maanden ploeteren live hebben gezet (hoera!). Ben nu dan ook wel toe aan een Panda-vrije kerst. ;-)

Na enig wrikken zit mijn kroon (deze, niet deze) erop. De weg van en naar de tandarts was helaas minder leuk, de Willem de Zwijgerlaan bleek 1 grote ijsbaan. Eigen schuld, had ik ook maar gewoon over de singel moeten gaan.

Maar het hoogtepunt volgde daarna, toen plots de Kerstman voor de deur stond met een iPad voor ondergetekende! Dus die ben ik nu uitgebreid aan het testen. Kan in ieder geval al zeggen dat ik helemaal weg ben van de Flipboard-app.


Oe, dit is leuk. Ik heb de boxen in mijn huis via mijn versterker aan mijn computer aangesloten. Over het algemeen speel ik met een sluwe smart playlist in iTunes de hele dag een fijne mengeling van muziek. Echter, als ik beneden ben, kan ik niet zien wat er ook alweer speelt én dit eventueel aanpassen. Daarom ben ik nu erg blij met de vondst van zojuist: de Remote app, waarmee ik vanaf de iPod Touch mijn huidige playlist kan benaderen en beïnvloeden. Erg kek!


Though I've wanted one for ages, I'd alway postponed (read: chickened out of) getting one. But recently I suddenly just had enough of vaccuming, that I finally ordered myself a Roomba (the 2.2 Green de Luxe to be exact) on Friday, which was delivered in record speed yesterday morning. It's making it's first round this very moment, and even though it means clearing everything from the floor (which is probably a good habbit to get into anyway) before you can finally tell it to get started, I'm very pleased with the results already.

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I've wanted to get and, of course use, a tablet for a while now. I had once before bought a very cheap one, but that just didn't do it for me. So I decided to treat myself today and bought the Wacom Bamboo. So now my mouse is on the left side of my keyboard and my tablet on the right. Perfect!

Oh, I'm also contemplating the Carnivore show on December 11th in Tilburg, though I'm not sure I should. I haven't played the albums in ages and have basically moved on to other things. Also, the ad looking for 'Blood girls' for the European shows didn't really comfort me. So I think I'll give it a miss.


Bought a Powerball recently. Nice way to exercise my wrists and parts of my arms.

It is a gyroscopic toy sold commercially as a wrist exerciser device. It can be started with a short rip string or by a snap of the thumb. Once the gyroscope inside is going fast enough, a person holding it in his hand can accelerate the gyroscope to incredibly high revs by following a circular wrist motion with the device.


Went to the temporary exhibit on Australia at the Rijksmuseum Volkenkunde. The exhibit features the story of the indigenous Australians and the effect of the arrival of European explorers. A large part was about the stolen generation, featuring documents from early anthropologists and showing parts of the movie Rabbit-Proof Fence. Impressive exhibit, shame it's only temporarily in place. My parents are going on the Hurtigruten this summer (I'm jealous!), so we also visited the 'People of the polarcircle' exhibit, which is on permanent display.

And more rampant consumerism on this very saturday. I ordered the Polar F4 online earlier this week and it was delivered this afternoon. I fear mastering the manuel will take a while, but I'm impressed with the available features.

Got it!

philips_3305.jpg class: floatright) After some orientation I decided on the Philips 3305/19. I bought it straight after work for €189. As this review states:

Philips has therefore offered a deck with few frills, but very capable basic recording. It’s an entry-level model that cannot fail to please.
Which is exactly what I want, so I'm very pleased with the purchase. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to try out some more features.

Saturday activities

Another late night yesterday, as I had a wonderful dinner in far away Medemblik with the people from work. Glad to be able to sleep in this morning though, as I was still quite tired from last weekend. After a relaxed lunch with the newspaper I felt brave enough to go to the store to pick up some things. I'm quite sure one of my circles of hell will have something to do with shopping on a saturday afternoon. I did manage not to strangle anyone though, and arrived home with some nice pieces of music:

I originally entered the store to get my hands on the new Porcupine Tree, but that was unavailable. Ah well, you know how these sort of things go. You set out for something and return home with something completly different. Might give it another try after work on monday ;-). Oh, and I also bought a new electric kettle as the other one looked horrid in my pretty new kitchen.